Milking the Marvel Cinematic Universe, phase 4 and beyond Endgame

Marvel Cinematic Universe: Is the franchise starting phase 4 by milking its market for die hard comic book fans and causing loss of interest with mainstream fans?

Marvel Cinematic Universe fans to be dwindling due to the introduction of lesser known characters? Of course, I am seeing die-hard comic book fans who are excited about more stories, however, what of the mainstream movie-going community?

I think Fox has created a stir in X-Men fans, regardless of a missing Hugh Jackman. People had been pontificating the next actor that could portray the adamantium, claw wielding mutant. There are also Fantastic Four fans hoping for better versions of their stories, once under the Disney umbrella.

Is the MCU buzz gone now?

Movie commentator John Campea expressed something that was quite on the nose. Well, it was his friend that expressed this. On Twitter Campea posted something regarding how the buzz for the MCU is not like it used to be.

I am guessing that the post-Endgame MCU will likely be met with less enthusiasm. You know how you saw a movie trailer and thought to yourself, “Meh, I’ll wait for it to come out on DVD/Blu-Ray.”? This may also be the likely sentiment when it comes to these flicks.

Campea gave examples. Shang-Chi was a good one as very few people even know who he is. More specifically, non-comic book fans. I think the MCU may evolve into more of a cult or niche’ following if anything. However, perhaps the momentum of phases one through three has really caused interest in the mainstream. We shall see.

I know nothing of this character either, but, in order to keep up with phase 4 and beyond, I found myself intrigued with researching the comic book counterpart. So perhaps the momentum of the main three phases prior to Endgame has kept my interest. That said, I’m guessing people not-so-much in the mainstream may play a little literary catch-up.

Superhero fatigue more likely now since Feige’s comment?

I couldn’t help but wonder that we’ll have to build the MCU buzz up once again. A slow burn starting at phase 4 perhaps. Seems like a long road to hoe, but will moviegoers have the patience to see it as soon as it comes out in theaters or just wait for it to come to Blu-ray?

A report from We Got This Covered cited a rumor over at the Overlord DVD YouTube channel regarding Disney’s “Brie Larson fatigue”.  According to the report, losing Spider-Man could impact Captain Marvel’s future.

There had been a buzz going on for a good several months regarding superhero fatigue, but according to a Variety article, this may not be the case. Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige debunked the naysayers regarding Marvel’s momentum.

“Not only has there not been the quote-unquote superhero fatigue that people have been asking me about since years before ‘Iron Man,’ but here we are having our biggest year ever. Our instincts have always guided us, and the successes have always just encouraged us to keep following those instincts”.

Feige sounded pretty confident back then, but since Sony’s Spider-Man is no longer with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, could one consider Feige moving on from the comic book movie franchise? He’s had his fill and reached the apex of success, right?

What do you think about the future of the MCU? Is the buzz gone? Share your thoughts in the comments below.