The Politician: Should (spoiler) have won the election?

Ben Platt in THE POLITICIAN/Netflix, Acquired from Netflix Media Center
Ben Platt in THE POLITICIAN/Netflix, Acquired from Netflix Media Center /

The Politician has been wowing all viewers on Netflix. If you’ve seen it, do you think (spoiler) should have won the election?

Perhaps you aren’t done watching The Politician on Netflix, but can’t take the suspense and are desperate to know who wins the student body president election — Payton or Astrid? Well, if you really want to know, I’ll tell ya! But please note these significant spoilers may ruin your watching experience.

On the other hand, if you have watched all eight episodes of The Politician Season 1 and are here to find opinions on whether of not the winner deserves it, read on!

Final spoiler warning! The winner and new student body president at Saint Sebastian High School, is Payton! That’s right, Payton wins, but there’s a huge, game-changing catch to this. You see, Payton may be the winner, but he only won because Astrid withdrew her name from the election. With no other competition, Payton was selected. Payton was fuming when he learned this!

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Payton wanted to win fair and square and to feel like he deserves it, not this way. To make matters worse, we learn later on that Payton wouldn’t have won, anyway. As it turns out, the votes were counted and Astrid won by TWO votes. This goes to show the importance of voting, guys! Elections are coming up, be there!

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Back to The Politician… do you think Astrid should have won, instead? Either way, as you already know if you finished the first season, Payton is forced to give up his position when all of his secrets are uncovered.

Everything happens for a reason, and Payton’s dreams are not ruined at all. At the end of the season, there’s another election to worry about and it beats student body president by a mile — New York State Senate! Will Payton win? Let’s hope so!

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The Politician Season 2 is definitely happening. Netflix ordered two seasons right off the bat. Production is supposed to begin later this month, stay tuned for updates!