Temptation Island Season 2: Couples with the best odds of success

Photo by: John Tsiavis/USA Network, acquired from NBC Press Site
Photo by: John Tsiavis/USA Network, acquired from NBC Press Site /

Here we are, Season 2 of Temptation Island, where couples go to prove or destroy their relationship. Which couples have the best odds of success?

Is it possible that Temptation Island can be as great as it was the first season? There was heartbreak, heartache, and hilarity from beginning to end. Why anyone would honestly subject their relationship to such torture is a mystery greater than Stonehenge.

It’s time to get ready for the next season, and what better way to do so than taking a quick look at the four couples destined for tears, arguments, and second-guessing.

Ashley & Rick

First impression: The relationship is done. 5% chance of success.

Wow. Where to start. They have been together, “on-and-off,” for four years. She admits to pursuing him heavily, and he can barely return a hug with her onscreen without looking away. Rick is also fond of flirting with women, who constantly flock to him. On top of that, Rick is a model who is fond of unbuttoning his shirt to display a six-pack that screams “I don’t remember what Taco Bell tastes like.”

None of that works well for Ashley. She has Jupiter-sized trust issues and dives for his phone when available. I guarantee she has tried to use his thumbprint while he is sleeping to unlock his phone (bad idea). My prediction is that she’ll be sobbing by the third episode. Also, this has happened in their house, GUARANTEED…

Esonica & Gavin

First impression: Looking good. 75% chance of success.

While Gavin has cheated in the past, they have an obvious chemistry together. They make each other laugh and are lovey-dovey. She’s a beauty he doesn’t want to lose, and his humorous nature will overcome the playboy past he may have developed as an athlete.

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The potential downside to their success is obviously their respective susceptibility to persuasion. As soon as Esonica even mentions that Gavin has cheated in the past, the sharks will start to circle and demean him at every opportunity. She’ll hear everything possible about how horrible he is. And Gavin might cheat again if there is any low-hanging fruit available.

Ashley & Casey

First impression: They are in serious trouble. 20% chance of success.

Based on their bio, they have trust and commitment issues. Additionally, there is a lot weighing down on Casey, namely his party-boy past, thoughts of single life, and a mini-bouffant.

Exacerbating their poor chances of success are youth (both are 25), extreme attractiveness (easily the most attractive couple overall), the fact this is Casey’s first real relationship, and my feeling that the length of their relationship is not enough to overcome the overwhelming avalanche of temptation.

Kate & David

First impression: Rock solid? 80% chance of success.

They’re easily the most grounded, mature, ready to get married couple on Temptation Island.

Here’s to hoping this season of Temptation Island is as awesome as the first season.

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