Fractured on Netflix: What happened to Ray’s family?

Fractured on Netflix, photo credit: Eric Zachanowich
Fractured on Netflix, photo credit: Eric Zachanowich /

Fractured is now streaming on Netflix and making us all afraid of hospitals. What happened to Ray’s family? Spoilers ahead!

If you haven’t watched the movie Fractured on Netflix, do so before reading ahead as significant spoilers follow. Seriously, read no more if you don’t want the movie’s big plot ruined.

Just from seeing the trailer, I knew Fractured would be packed with suspense and thrills, something I’ve been craving after Into the Tall Grass, unfortunately, failed to impress. Luckily, Fractured didn’t only provide what I needed, but it’s even better than I thought it would be. What follows isn’t a review, though, but a quick spoiler-packed recap of the insane events that take place in the final moments of the movie. The big reveal that shocks audiences.

If you’re reading this, it’s either because you’d like to further discuss the shocking truth or you are currently watching the movie and refuse to take the suspense any longer so you’re seeking spoilers. Either way, let’s get to those final moments!

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I don’t know about you, but I always try to predict what’s going to happen in movies. I usually throw in a guess or two and watch the events play out. But, while watching Fractured, I was all over the place with wild guesses. As it turns out, my first guess was correct: Ray kills his wife and daughter.

The movie is done so well that I changed my mind a few times. This isn’t an original concept, movies that feature people who have gone mysteriously missing has been done several times before. This is why I thought I had it all figured out and evil things were going on at the hospital. But I was fooled.

When Peri falls, she hits her head so hard and that it immediately starts to bleed. She dies instantly. Joanne, Ray’s wife, runs over to her and then tries to shake a shocked Ray back to reality so he can help out. She’s hysterical, probably aware Peri is dead. A stunned Ray shoves Joanne, and she her lands on a large screw.

This is what I assumed happened at first, but I was convinced otherwise until it’s all revealed in the end. The woman Ray ends up taking from the hospital, believing it’s Joanne and Peri, is a patient that was undergoing surgery. Joanne and Peri’s bodies are in the trunk.

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Did you see this coming or were you going back and forth with what could have truly happened? And if you haven’t seen it but came for the spoilers, watch Fractured anyway! It’s really well done. 

Fractured is now streaming on Netflix.