Does Gemini Man live up to the hype?

Will Smith in Gemini Man from Paramount Pictures, Skydance and Jerry Bruckheimer Films.
Will Smith in Gemini Man from Paramount Pictures, Skydance and Jerry Bruckheimer Films. /

Ang Lee and Will Smith teamed up to create a sci-fi action movie like no other. Does Gemini Man live up to the hype? Read on to find out.

Gemini Man landed in theaters amid lots of marketing hoopla and fan anticipation. On the surface, the film seems to include all the ingredients of a solid action flick. However, a chilly response from critics undermines some of the excitement.

The first glance at Gemini Man’s Rotten Tomatoes score looks bleak. The film rates an abysmal 27% on the Tomatometer. But a more in-depth look indicates that fans wholeheartedly disagree! At the time of writing, the audience score stands at a healthy 88%.

The takeaway? This film won’t be a heavy hitter this awards season, but Gemini Man wows movie lovers with special effects, slick stunts, and classic Hollywood flair. Here’s a breakdown of what theatergoers can expect from Gemini Man.

Director Ang Lee brings the magic

As a director, Ang Lee is no stranger to larger than life projects. Lee has steered visual stunners, including Life of Pi and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Now, Ang Lee’s masterful use of technology makes a brand new fantastical story come alive on screen. The explosive sequences he designed within Gemini Man will enthrall action fans.

Gemini Man features inventive combat scenes with foot chases, firearms, and fisticuffs. One particularly brutal hand-to-hand grudge match set in the catacombs of Budapest channels pure MMA grit.

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Ang Lee doesn’t stop at practical stunts and effects. He boldly pushes the boundaries of computer-generated images. Through the use of motion capture techniques, the director turns back time and brings a youthful version of Will Smith back to the big screen.

The CGI character born of Lee’s ingenuity and Smith’s likeness spurs a sense of deja vu for fans who remember Smith from his Bad Boys days. Ang Lee’s integration of CGI and in-camera elements is nearly flawless.

Will Smith brings the swag

In Gemini Man, Smith portrays a 51-year-old government operative and his 23-year-old adversary. But the rivals share more than just a strong resemblance.

Will Smith brings his signature style to both roles. From Independence Day to I Am Legend, Smith possesses a heroic quality that resonates with a broad fanbase.

At his core, Smith is a passionate entertainer. As a Grammy Award-winning artist, he knows what it means to command an audience. No matter the genre, The Fresh Prince brings us along for the ride. And Gemini Man is no different.

Smith’s swag is legit, but even his colossal personality cannot conceal the script’s glaring issues. Some of the dialogue in Gemini Man feels forced, and the villains lack depth. Still, Smith and his capable co-stars commit fully to the material and somehow manage to make this popcorn film an enjoyable jaunt.

Gemini Man brings a new era

In Gemini Man, Ang Lee’s cinematic wizardry is remarkable. The technological feats are reason enough to see the film. Witnessing Will Smith trade blows and barbs with his younger self embodies Hollywood magic.

Fans of Smith’s action films will not be disappointed. Both versions of Smith execute emotional gymnastics and high-level stunt work. Will Smith’s trademark swagger, coupled with Ang Lee’s innovative approach makes up for the script’s shortcomings.

The verdict? Despite the flaws in the script, Gemini Man is a splashy action movie that helps usher in a new era of film.

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Gemini Man stars Will Smith, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Clive Owen, and Benedict Wong. Will you see the film in theaters? Comment and join the discussion. Gemini Man is now playing in theaters.