Insatiable Season 2: Who is the pageant killer?

INSATIABLE Season 2 on Netflix, photo credit: Tina Rowden/Netflix via Media Center
INSATIABLE Season 2 on Netflix, photo credit: Tina Rowden/Netflix via Media Center /

Insatiable Season 2 is packed with more ridiculous drama and we love every bite of it. But we weren’t ready for the pageant killer reveal!

From the start, Insatiable shocked us with the introduction of Season 2’s big villain — the pageant killer! Who is out to get these girls? And what is the motive? Spoilers ahead if you are not caught up on the latest season. Finish watching all episodes before reading ahead.

There are many issues Patty (Debby Ryan) takes on this season, from dealing with relationships, making up with her BFF, Nonnie (Kimmy Shields), and accepting that she has an eating disorder…or does she? Final spoiler warning!

In the end, with Bob’s (Dallas Roberts) help, Patty realizes she may not have an eating disorder at all. Instead, she has been eating to suppress her hunger to kill. Whether that’s truly the reason for Patty’s overeating, I’m not sure, but you can’t deny that Patty does enjoy killing. Sure, up until now, every murder has been justified, but only a psycho feels good about it (repeatedly). This is the biggest shock this season, but let’s not be so quick to forget a twist that was almost as surprising as Dexter aka Patty: The pageant killer.

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Who is the pageant killer? Regina (Arden Myrin)! Who would have thought Regina, of all characters, had the brains to pull this off. Not only did no one suspect her, including the viewers at home, but she also staged Bob’s home to frame him as the pageant killer. Poor Bob!

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How is Bob going to get out of this one? Will Patty help? She wants to, but not the way Bob wishes she would help. In fact, Bob is no longer on Patty’s side. Let’s hope the comedy-drama is quickly renewed for a third season, because we need some answers!

Insatiable‘s first two seasons are streaming on Netflix.