Insatiable Season 2: Questions we have after that shocking ending

INSATIABLE Season 2 on Netflix, photo credit: Tina Rowden/Netflix via Media Center
INSATIABLE Season 2 on Netflix, photo credit: Tina Rowden/Netflix via Media Center /

The Netflix teen drama Insatiable presented major twists and turns in Season 2. Let’s look at some of the major plot questions after the climactic finale.

Insatiable Season 2 premiered on Netflix last week after over a year of fans having to wait. The new season did not disappoint, and most of it focused on Patty Bladell (Debby Ryan) and Bob Armstrong (Dallas Roberts) trying to hide their involvement in murders from the previous season.

Season 2 left viewers with more cliffhangers than answers, and this naturally creates some curiosity. Here are some questions after the Season 2 finale that would likely be addressed in the following season.

Spoiler Alert: Please note there are spoilers ahead if you are not caught up on Insatiable!

Will Patty’s inner demons be exposed?

This was the cliffhanger viewers were left with, Patty realizing her killing has been a strong point of hers. With Bob incarcerated, Patty setting out for pageant killer Regina (Arden Myrin) shows the untamed power of the dark demons brewing inside her. She has relentlessly murdered others before, and this is turning into a growing pattern.

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The biggest thing will be, can anyone realize this and put an end to it? Her best friend Nonnie (Kimmy Shields) got a glimpse into it after learning Patty killed her ex-boyfriend Christian, and only Bob knows Patty’s true malicious abilities. Unfortunately, he’s helpless at this point.

Will Patty be caught?

The monstrous abilities of Patty were on full display once again throughout Season 2, as she killed her supposed father Gordy (Dana Ashbrook), three goons who were after her mom, and Stella Rose (Beverly D’Angelo) for real this time. It had become increasingly difficult for Patty to navigate life with all the killings at risk of being exposed. This was a major question heading into Season 2, yet the problem significantly escalated. And based on the Season 2 ending, it seems Patty is not done yet.

First, there’s a real risk of her being caught for killing Christian (James Lastovic) since a few other characters picked up on it. Next, the bodies of the three goons in Gator Bog could be found by chance. Finally, Regina took Stella Rose’s body and framed Bob, still making it a nightmare scenario if the truth comes out on the situation.

What happened with Dixie?

In a similar situation to her childhood, sneaky criminal Regina once again took her “daughter” Dixie Sinclair (Irene Choi) from the mall. However, what happened after that? Will Dixie continue to view Regina as her mom, or will her real family find her once again?

Who is the father of Coralee’s baby?

Last we saw, Coralee (Alyssa Milano) was calling Bob Barnard (Christopher Gorham) to tell him who the father of her baby is. He did not answer, and it’s hard to infer what she was going to say. The father of the baby could be either Barnard or Bob Armstrong, who became invested in a new romance with Patty’s mom Angie Bladell (Sarah Colonna) at the end of the season.

INSATIABLE Season 2 on Netflix, photo credit: Tina Rowden/Netflix via Media Center /

Will the real pageant killer truth come out?

Bob Armstrong has landed in jail after being framed as the pageant killer who murdered Roxy (Chloe Bridges) and the twin sister of Heather Christina Pamela Kendall Jackson Johnson (Caroline Pluta). With Regina on the run from the law, she cleverly set up Bob to be caught as the pageant killer right at the Miss American Lady pageant. She also planted evidence in Bob’s home from the pageant killings and explosives that killed Heather Christina PKJJ at a float parade. Now, with Patty out for vengeance in Bob’s name, will Regina be exposed for her actions?

In addition, Regina used her sneaky prowess to find Stella Rose’s body in Patty’s suitcase and plant it in Bob’s hotel room at the Miss American Lady pageant, intending for him to take the brunt for the Stella Rose murder and pageant killings. It’s a double whammy against the lawyer, and the question remains, will the sneaky felon have run off somewhere else? And could it be with Dixie Sinclair as well?

Did Nonnie call Christian’s dad?

Nonnie took the news of Patty killing Christian very hard. Though Magnolia (Erinn Westbrook) recalled the moment Patty beat Christian with a crowbar, she promised to keep it a secret. Viewers last saw Nonnie potentially about to call Christian’s dad Pastor Mike (Michael Ian Black), with his contact information in plain sight on the screen.

If she did call Christian’s dad, this sets Patty in hot water for Season 3, and her polarizing attitude may come to public light. This is a huge test for the characters’ friendship, did Nonnie rat out her friend or did she stay loyal? And will their friendship completely disintegrate after this colossal finding?

There is unfortunately no word on an Insatiable Season 3 renewal as of now, but stay tuned!

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Are there any other questions you have after the Season 2 finale? Comment below.