Lifetime Movie Network: 5 signs you’ve got a Psycho BFF

LOS ANGELES, CA - MARCH 15: Dominic Pace attends the Neon Los Angeles premiere of 'Gemini' on March 15, 2018 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by JB Lacroix/ Getty Images)
LOS ANGELES, CA - MARCH 15: Dominic Pace attends the Neon Los Angeles premiere of 'Gemini' on March 15, 2018 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by JB Lacroix/ Getty Images) /

Shocktober continues on Lifetime Movie Network with Psycho BFF. Make sure you don’t miss out on these telltale signs from your inner circle.

We’re into the third week of Shocktober already and tonight LMN premiered its new movie, Psycho BFF. As the title suggests, the film is about a young girl named Deandra who gets caught up with a, well, psycho BFF named Olivia!

Is Psycho BFF based on a true story? Most likely no. Although some cases like this have happened in real life. Bustle analyzed some of the headlines it may have been inspired by.

The movie plays out mostly how you would expect it to but we did learn a few valuable lessons about what to expect when you befriend a murderer. Here are five signs YOU might have a psycho BFF.

5. She’s a murderer.

We’re introduced to Olivia in the middle of one of her many rage breakdowns. In this instance, she doesn’t feel like her old pal Liberty is being a good enough friend to her.

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Instead of doing something normal like trying to have a civil conversation, Olivia takes it upon herself to push Liberty over the side of a bridge where she falls to her death. Cut to a little later and Olivia is back at school like nothing happened!

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4. She flip flops between you and your rival on a dime.

Deandra and Olivia become fast friends, way too fast if you ask me. It’s clear that Olivia has an agenda when she befriends girls. She’s trying to fill a void in her life. Well, that and she is likely psychotic. It gets even worse when she has a full-scale meltdown over Deandra calling her mom for help after Olivia cuts her hand at a party. How does she cut her hand, you may ask?

She decides it would be a good idea to throw bottles of alcohol at the wall and shatter them at Adele’s party. Somehow, Adele and Olivia then become best friends. Olivia ignores Deandra, still pissed at her for calling her mother. Seemingly overnight, Olivia has dumped Deandra and taken up with Adele – who called the cops on her? Also can someone please tell Adele that “dial-up” is not a good mean nickname.

3. She’s a liar.

Considering her pathological need to lie is one of the less harmful offenses Olivia pulls it may not seem worth mentioning but she does lie, a lot. First, she lies and tells Deandra that her step-father beats her. Now, in a Lifetime movie that’s not that surprising. But if that happened in real life it would be super disturbing for someone to lie about that.

She also lies that her mother is still alive when in reality her mom killed herself years before. That’s part of the reason Olivia is so emotionally damaged. She is traumatized and trying to find someone to help her get over her mother’s death. I’m not entirely sure how murder fits into her plans but I digress.

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2. She’s responsible for breaking someone’s arm.

After Olivia is done pretending to be best pals with Adele again, she goes crawling back to Deandra. The first thing on her mind is how badly she wants to get revenge on Adele for ditching her. Somehow, she’s surprised that happened.

Instead of a normal “kick me” sign prank, Olivia loosens screws in the support bleachers. When Adele walks up to her seat, the entire thing goes crashing down and Adele breaks her arm. It shows how reckless Olivia is since Adele could have chosen to skip the bleachers. Someone else could have just as easily fallen into that trap and got a more severe injury. Yet still, Deandra defends Olivia.

1. She tries to get you to make a suicide pact with her.

Deandra doesn’t truly understand how terrible Olivia is until she goes to a weird party with her and they get attacked by two teenage boys. Olivia and Deandra wind up locked in the bathroom. Deandra has a gun that she stole. You can imagine how this will end before it even begins. Olivia decides that she doesn’t want to live anymore and she would rather have “eternal life” beyond the grave or whatever.

Deandra is terrified. Her mom and the cops arrive. (Side note: Another priceless example of cops not knowing what to do in Lifetime movies since he is useless the entire scene). Deandra is essentially left to figure out how to get out of this alone. She is clearly not down with Olivia’s plan for them to both die but she pretends she is so she can get the gun. But then STUPIDLY, Deandra just throws the gun on the ground!?

Obviously, Deandra and Olivia get into a physical fight with Olivia getting knocked out in the tub. But Deandra could have just put the gun on her and gotten out of the bathroom or RAN OUT OF THE BATHROOM ONCE SHE HAD IT. Or shouted to her mom and the cop she had the gun so they could open the door? Honestly.

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What did you think about Psycho BFF? Which moments did you think were the craziest? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Shocktober continues with Sleeping With My Student airing Friday, Oct. 19 at 8/7c on Lifetime Movie Network.