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Photo: LIVING WITH YOURSELF.. Image Courtesy Netflix
Photo: LIVING WITH YOURSELF.. Image Courtesy Netflix /

Can’t get enough Paul Rudd? You’re in luck, there’s double the Rudd in his new comedy thriller Living With Yourself, now streaming on Netflix.

Paul Rudd to the power of two might usually mean double the comedy, but in Timothy Greenberg’s Living With Yourself, Rudd seems hell-bent on murdering his “better” half. DO we have your attention yet? Here’s everything you need to know about the Netflix series.

Paul Rudd stars as Miles Elliot, a typical guy living the typical American dream with a nine-to-five office job, a beautiful wife (Aisling Bea) and a suburban home. But, like all picture-perfect, cinematic scenarios, it all begins to crumble. Miles and his wife Kate aren’t doing so hot in their relationship, Miles begins to feel the stings of failure and social ineptitude at work and, in general just feels sort of crummy.

But all that changes when he makes a visit to Top Happy Spa and undergoes a very questionable cloning treatment, with the promise that he will become a happier, more successful version of himself. Miles awakes from the cloning procedure feeling better than ever and returns to his life, determined to work things out with Kate and become the office favorite.

But, apparently, no one properly disposed of Miles’ old self, sadder Miles being further traumatized by waking up in his own grave. So, now, there’s two Miles, both determined to eliminate the other from existence.

Paul Rudd taking literal jabs and shots at himself is something we definitely will be watching this weekend! Living With Yourself provides a new take on cloning, where instead of having the clone be almost an entirely different person from the original, Miles’ clone is literally him, just better “in everything.”

It’s even more of a treat that this show is, in fact, a show and not a two-hour film. Because it looks like this clone war is going to take some time to really flesh out. Vulture likened the series to The Good Place, as it displays some of the same comedic, getting-in-touch-with-your-better-self vibe. But it looks like Living With Yourself will definitely have more of a bloody and horror-like dynamic between the main characters (Rudd and Rudd)

Either way, this show will likely be a nice slice of thriller alongside Riverdale season 4, which is also now streaming on The CW.

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Will you be watching Living With Yourself on Netflix this weekend? What other thriller/horror series are you looking forward to streaming? Let us know in the comments below!