Eli is the new horror movie in time for halloween now streaming on Netflix

Eli - Kelly Reilly, Max Martini, Charlie Shotwell, Lili Taylor - Photo Credit: Netflix / Patti Perret
Eli - Kelly Reilly, Max Martini, Charlie Shotwell, Lili Taylor - Photo Credit: Netflix / Patti Perret /

Netflix released its new horror movie, Eli, with supernatural vibes. And it’s right on time to scare our socks off for the Halloween season.

What makes Netflix’s newest horror release so intriguing is how the levels of vulnerability within the film work in favor of creeping out the audience. Eli is about a boy that has an autoimmune disease that has him living life from the inside of a bubble, not unlike The Boy in The Plastic Bubble. As defenseless as Eli is, he’s about to experience some paranormal activity that will force him to fight for his life.

His parents find hope in seeing their boy live a normal life with a treatment provided by a specialized facility. Once Eli begins his treatment, he starts to see things veering on the side of the supernatural.

At first, the doctors suggest that these hallucinations are a minor side effect of the medication. But Eli knows that what he’s seen is far too intense just to be side effects. What remains to be seen is the apparent source of the dark shadows, moving curtains, and what looks to be a dark-haired woman reminiscent of Samara from The Ring.

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See, the treatment facility can easily take the reigning spot in a haunted asylum competition. Not only is it dark but there are hallways and rooms on end. The vast setting gives the dark entities behind Eli’s scariest moments in residence so many places to hide. So is this place haunted building with the tortured souls of whoever died there destined to haunt the new patients? Eli’s haunted experiences did not occur until he was in that building.

Then there’s the fact that no one really knows these doctors and Eli’s family have willingly trusted them with their child. What if the doctors are into some supernatural conjuring of spirits and have taken Eli in for ulterior motives?

The trailer flashes to Eli on a surgery table screaming, and we have to consider that the doctors may be the villains here. Then again, this could all very well be part of some experimental treatment they hope will shock him back to good health.

Watch the trailer for Eli:

It’s terrifying to think that a sick boy in a scary place filled with strangers is haunted by unforgiving ghosts (if that’s what they really are.) Without a doubt, this isn’t your average horror story, but it leaves the horror mystery to the imagination as to what is behind the haunting.

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Eli is available to stream on Netflix.