Big Brother 21: Holly Allen’s worst moves

Holly Allen, houseguest on the CBS series BIG BROTHER, scheduled to air on the CBS Television Network. Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS ©2019 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved
Holly Allen, houseguest on the CBS series BIG BROTHER, scheduled to air on the CBS Television Network. Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS ©2019 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved /

Now that Big Brother until next year, it’s time to take a look back at the season that was. Earlier, we took a look at the cast’s best moves. Now we are reflecting on the cast of Big Brother 21’s worst moves. The next person we will look at is Holly Allen.

Holly Allen was the runner-up on Big Brother 21. Holly was known for her showmance with Jackson Michie and her real-life friendship with Kathryn “Kat” Dunn. Holly was also known by her nickname Beth. The nickname was given to her when David Alexander forgot her name on the live feeds and called her Beth.

Holly started off Big Brother 21 strong. She was part of the Gr8ful alliance that dominated the early portion of the game. Soon after, Michie his showmance with Kat for a showmance with Holly.

In week 3, Holly helped form the Six Shooters alliance that blindsided former allies Nick Maccarone and Isabella “Bella” Wang by evicting Cliff Hogg III instead of Nicole Anthony. However, Cliff returned to the house, rending that move useless.

Holly won her first HOH of the summer in week 5. She nominated Nick alongside Sam Smith for eviction. When Nick won the POV, Holly needed a replacement nominee. Kat volunteered to be the replacement nominee to hide their relationship.

However, this move nearly backfired after Michie inadvertently let it slip that Kat and Holly knew each other. This caused Michie’s best friend in the house, Jack Matthews to turn against him. Tommy Bracco and Christie Murphy tried to flip the vote to save Sam. Kat’s last-minute emotional plea to Christie changed Christie’s mind and the flip vote was called off. Sam was evicted 9-0 but the damage to Michie and Holly’s game was done. They were now targets number 1 and 2 to everybody in the house.

Despite being such big targets, Michie and Holly were able to make it all the way to the final 2 thanks to a string of HOH wins between them. In Michie’s first HOH win in week 8, Michie and Holly made a final 4 deal with Cliff and Nicole.

Holly won her 2nd HOH of the season in week 9. However, America’s Prankster took away one of her nominations. Holly nominated Nick for eviction, with the intention of evicting him. Nick nominated Christie for eviction as America’s Prankster. After Michie won the POV and kept nominations the same, Holly was able to get her target Nick evicted.

At the final 5, Michie was HOH and he nominated Cliff and Tommy for eviction, with the intention of evicting Tommy. When Nicole won the POV, she used it to save Cliff. This meant Holly had to be the replacement nominee. Day 83 marked the first time all season Holly was nominated for eviction. Even then, it was by default.

With Cliff and Nicole holding all the power that week, they considered turning on Holly. They made a deal with Tommy to evict Holly. However, Michie overheard this and used the information to lie about Tommy. However, Cliff and Nicole didn’t believe what Michie was selling and were still going to evict Holly.

Holly went to Cliff and Nicole at the last minute and made a deal to throw HOH and POV. Cliff and Nicole took this deal and Tommy was evicted 2-0. At the final 4 HOH Competition, Holly threw the competition to Nicole, upholding her part of the deal.

Nicole nominated Michie and Holly for eviction with the intent of evicting Michie. However, Michie won the POV to save himself. This meant Cliff would be the replacement nominee and Michie would have the sole vote to evict that week. Michie chose to evict Cliff.

At the final 3, Holly won part 2 of the final 3-part HOH Competition but lost part 3 to Michie. At the eviction, Michie chose to evict Nicole.

When the final vote came in on finale night, Holly lost to Michie in a 6-3 vote. Holly’s votes came from Jessica Milagros, Kat, and Nicole.

Holly’s worst moves of Big Brother 21

Holly’s worst move was not playing a more aggressive strategic game. Early on, she seemed like she had a good strategic sense. As the season went on, I saw less and less of that and more coattail riding. After her big blowup with Michie that took an entire episode, it just felt like she did whatever he wanted. There was no way she was going to win.

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