10 TV shows and movies to watch if you love The Politician

Photo: David Corenswet, Ben Platt / The Politician.. Courtesy Netflix
Photo: David Corenswet, Ben Platt / The Politician.. Courtesy Netflix /
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Ben Platt and Gwyneth Paltrow in THE POLITICIAN/Netflix, Acquired from Netflix Media Center /

Can’t get enough of Netflix’s The Politician? Here are five movies and five TV shows fans should check out while waiting for Season 2.

Ryan Murphy’s first series for Netflix has, of course, become a sensation after its lofty debut this fall. The Politician premiered to mixed reception, but like most Murphy creations, the series has found a loyal fandom ready and waiting for the next chapter of Payton Hobart’s self-destructive climb to his ultimate goal: becoming the President of the United States.

But there’s still a decent amount of waiting to do before The Politician rolls out Payton’s next campaign in Season 2. In the interim, there’s plenty of like-minded content with similar themes, tones, and stories to watch. From movies featuring The Politician stars Gwyneth Paltrow and Jessica Lange, including the thriller Hush starring both, to fellow Ryan Murphy-verse satire-heavy dramedies Popular and Scream Queens, fans can discover a world of entertainment that closely resembles their new favorite show ahead of diving back into its own twisted world.

If you love the political side of the series, Parks and Recreation has all of the commentary and laughs to spare. If you’re hooked the breakneck melodrama, Dynasty will satisfy your thirst for drama. If you’re intrigued by the intersections of sexuality and privilege, Cruel Intentions gives the Saint Sebastian crew a run for their money. But beyond these addictive titles, there’s more to explore.

What should fans watch if they’re obsessed with The Politician and can’t wait for Season 2? Here are five TV shows and five movies that will tide you over. Leave the titles you’ll be checking out and your own recommendations in the comments!