20 best horror movies to watch on Netflix

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3. Emelie

One of our worst fears as a parent is an awful babysitter, and can you blame us? Parents allow someone they believe to trust into their home to watch over their kids while they are away. Whether parents are gone and a couple of hours or more, anything can happen! In Emelie, the babysitter (Sarah Bolger) introduces the kids to explicit movies, throws their hamster into the snake’s tank, and hits them. It’s safe to say, you’ll be wanting to check references twice next time you have a babysitter over.

2. Satanic

A group of thrill and horror-seekers go to a house were people were murdered. They think it’s all for fun and pose for photos outside the gates. But that’s not their only stop while in California. The teens also stop by a shop that claims to have haunted objects, and a supposedly haunted hotel. Some people truly are out chasing and begging for trouble. It’s their final stop that, well, can actually be their final stop. Because, to make matter worse, they decide to pull out the Ouija board. They’ll manage to escape the hotel, but not the events, because what they helped summon is now after them all.

1. The Silence

The premise for The Silence is rather simple, and I’m sure you’ll find it’s also awfully familiar: If you don’t keep quiet, creatures will hunt and kill you. The key to surviving is to not make a sound. That’s right, it’s basically the same as A Quiet Place, isn’t it? The family The Silence follows is even a young girl who lost her hearing. But that’s really where the similarities end, as The Silence has more things to offer.

Unlike A Quiet Place, the movie The Silence features more characters and the focus is more on a cult that is haunting them rather than the supernatural monsters themselves. It’s more on the calm side than other movies on this list, but still definitely worth the watch!

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