20 best horror movies to watch on Netflix

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15. Insidious

If you have enjoyed everything the Conjuring franchise has had to offer, Insidious is right up your alley! The supernatural horror is directed by James Wan, who has quite the reputation for crafting great thrillers that go beyond the average jump scares. This is the first of another horror series.

Insidious follows a couple who have recently moved into a new home (isn’t this how all the great horror movies begin?) and, before long, their son inexplicably falls into a comatose state, opening the door to spirits who wish to inhabit his body. There is one evil, in particular, that haunts the family, and has been part of them for years.

14. Hush

I find Hush particularly more frightening than most movies on this list despite not promoting supernatural thrills or gore. For starters, it features one victim, a woman. All alone in the middle of nowhere. Who hasn’t been home alone once and completely paranoid? To make matters worse, she isn’t able to hear or speak. Guys, when I say she’s alone, I mean it. Who is tormenting her? You’ll have to watch to find out! Here’s more about the film:

Hush is a slasher movie that follows a deaf writer who traveled to a cabin in the woods for inspiration, hoping to move along with her novel. Soon enough, she learns she is not as alone as previously believed. A masked killer is after her as she is forced to fight for her life in silence. The movie stars Kate Siegel, John Gallagher Jr., and others.