20 best horror movies to watch on Netflix

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11. Veronica

If you see “inspired by true events” attached to any movie and freak out, prepare for some good scares! Veronica on Netflix won’t let you catch your breath! But, if that’s what you’re searching for in a horror movie, you’ll love it!

All great horror thrillers begin with an innocent game. In Veronica‘s case, a group of young teens decide it would be a good idea to play with a Ouija board and, you guessed it, they end up summoning something truly evil. This isn’t your average Ouija board movie, though. As you may already know if you love foreign horror films, Spanish movies are just more frightening. How scary is this movie? One report from last year stated that viewers were turning it off, or switching to something else, about half way through the movie. Yikes! The only question is — will you be watching this alone?

10. The Autopsy of Jane Doe

Just WHO is Jane Doe? That’s the big question The Autopsy of Jane Doe is trying to answer in the long and frightening journey it takes us. However, that won’t necessarily be our biggest focus as this movie will be throwing plenty of horrors our way. Even though this movie provides a lot of chills, you won’t want to look away from your screen.

When a father and son coroner duo (that’s one way to bond, right?) are working on the unidentified body or a female known only as “Jane Doe,” they soon realize this isn’t a regular job. This movie won’t be packed with gore or violence, it’s more of a psychological thriller.