20 best horror movies to watch on Netflix

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9. The Babysitter

If you watched the trailer to this movie (which you can also check out above), you’re probably thinking it’s more of a comedy. You could have also just watched it right now and thought to yourself that this movie does not belong on this list. But don’t be so quick to dismiss it just because of your first impression! The Babysitter actually has a lot to offer.

I won’t like, the premise and events that unfold are as silly as they appear on the trailer, but there’s more! If gore and violence is your thing, you’ll want to watch The Babysitter. And true, the movie may not take itself too seriously, but that’s the fun of it. Think Home Alone meets slasher thriller.

8. As Above, So Below

Fine, if The Babysitter truly doesn’t do it for you or you don’t even want to give it a chance, watch As Above, So Below, then. If you are claustrophobic, you’re either in for one terrifying movie or won’t be able to watch with how scary As Above, So Below is!

Does journeying through miles of catacombs under the streets of Paris sound like a good time to you? Well, the characters in As Above, So Below sure thought so! No spoilers, but let’s just say they won’t all be able to surface back to the streets. The catacombs in Paris are known to have many souls, but the group of friends touring never expect things would be this haunting. This psychological horror won’t leave you alone for a long while.