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WILL & GRACE -- "Eat, Pray, Love, Phone, Sex" Episode 301 -- Pictured: (l-r) Eric McCormack as Will Truman, Debra Messing as Grace Adler -- (Photo by: Chris Haston/NBC)
WILL & GRACE -- "Eat, Pray, Love, Phone, Sex" Episode 301 -- Pictured: (l-r) Eric McCormack as Will Truman, Debra Messing as Grace Adler -- (Photo by: Chris Haston/NBC) /

In the final season premiere of Will & Grace, Grace returns from Europe with shocking news, Karen teaches Will phone sex, and Jack adapts to married life.

Surprise! Will & Grace is back sooner than expected. Unfortunately, NBC’s new series Sunnyside faced the dreaded cancellation ax, but fortunately for Will & Grace fans, that left a hole in the Thursday night comedy block. Now we won’t have to wait until 2020 to start saying our goodbyes to Will, Grace, Jack, and Karen in the farewell season of the revival — and the series. The Season 11 premiere finds Grace revealing life-changing news, and Will and Jack weathering relationship changes.

When we last left the Will & Grace gang, they celebrated Jack and Estefan’s wedding at the airport, where Grace impulsively decided to travel to Europe with a man she’d just met named Marcus (guest star Reid Scott). She returns and reveals the surprising news that she’s pregnant, if we’re to believe the premiere promo (watch below). Meanwhile, newly engaged Will takes on a new chapter in his long-distance relationship with McCoy (guest star Matt Bomer) with a little phone sex education from Karen, and Jack settles into married life with Estefan… or tries to.

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Is Grace really pregnant? Will she have doubts about who the father of the child is between Marcus and Noah? Has Grace officially broken up with Noah? Did Grace begin a new relationship with Marcus in Europe? Also, how much did Grace eat while abroad?

How are Will and McCoy handling their long-distance relationship? Are they making it work, or are they just drawing out the inevitable breakup? Does Karen’s expert help assist their struggle? Can Jack make married life work for him and welcome Estefan and all his quirks into his life?

Be sure to catch the season premiere of Will & Grace this Thursday to find out the answers to these questions and see how the shenanigans unfold in the farewell season!

Before the season premiere answers these questions and brings the laughs, watch a hilarious preview clip of what’s to come in the new episode in the trailer below!

Wondering what we can expect from the Season 11 premiere episode of Will & Grace? Check out the official synopsis of “Eat, Pray, Love, Phone, Sex” via NBC:

"Grace returns from Europe and receives life-changing news."

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The third season and 11th overall of the Will & Grace revival will contain 18 episodes and air on Thursdays, back in the original sitcom’s (which you can now binge in full on Hulu) Must See TV home. It’s the final season (for real this time), and you won’t want to miss out.

But what’s going on? What’s happening? When, where, and how can you burst into Will and Grace’s apartment like Jack and grab a cocktail or two with Karen? Here’s everything you need to know to ensure you don’t miss a minute of Will & Grace‘s farewell season and make sure you circle back after the episode for a break down of the latest episode’s best quotes!

When? Thursday, Oct. 24
What time? 9:30 p.m. ET
Which episode? Season 11, Episode 1, “Eat, Pray, Love, Phone, Sex”
Where? NBC
How can you watch? Stream 1 | Stream 2