Dog’s Most Wanted exclusive clip: Beth is not taking the lies

Dog's Most Wanted -- Courtesy of WGN America -- Acquired via WGN America
Dog's Most Wanted -- Courtesy of WGN America -- Acquired via WGN America /

It’s time for Beth’s final hunt on Dog’s Most Wanted. In this exclusive clip, you can tell she’s not taking any more lies as she fights to end the case.

We knew that it was coming. Beth’s final hunt was on its way. As sad as it is, Dog’s Most Wanted makes it clear that she’s not giving up the fight for justice and doing what’s right. In this exclusive clip of tonight’s episode, we get to see the effort she makes to see some sort of change.

The clip starts out as something standard. Dog and his team head into the house of their bounty, looking for him. Naturally, the girlfriend tells them that the guy isn’t there. Will they believe that? What do you think?

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While the girlfriend lets them into the house, she continues to make a point that her boyfriend isn’t around. He’s gone, and he’s left a mess behind. He’s cut his hair and it does look like he’s somewhere on the run once more. Wouldn’t you be with Dog and his team after you?

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However, it’s Beth who stands out. She knows she hasn’t got much time left but she wants to see this come to an end. She needs to catch the bounty, but also wants to see the girlfriend turn her life around. Beth has heard all the lies and she’s not buying into the girlfriend’s pleas that the bounty isn’t there.

You can check out the exclusive clip for Dog’s Most Wanted tonight below:

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What has been your favorite Beth moment so far? Are you ready for another episode when we know it’s going to be heartbreaking? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Dog’s Most Wanted airs tonight at 9/8c on WGN America.