Rattlesnake on Netflix: Does ending tease a sequel?

Rattlesnake - Apollonia Pratt, Carmen Ejogo - Photo Credit: Netflix
Rattlesnake - Apollonia Pratt, Carmen Ejogo - Photo Credit: Netflix /

Rattlesnake on Netflix is a movie to add to your to-watch list, and it teases a finale that’ll leave you wanting a sequel. Will there be a second movie?

Netflix premiered several movies over the past several weeks to get audiences ready for Halloween season. Among the many is Rattlesnakewhich may have fallen under your radar as it’s not a big movie as the rest. Still, it’s worth the watch if you go in not expecting to be wowed. There are no evil ghosts or flesh-eating zombies, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a frightening movie.

In fact, I’d argue that how real this movie keeps the events is what helps make it so creepy. Additionally, this movie will not be providing audiences with all the answers. It’ll leave you to figure most of everything out and heavily teasing a sequel. Let’s discuss!

Please note, there are significant spoilers ahead if you have not watched Rattlesnake on Netflix. Watch the movie first before reading ahead.

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After a girl, Carla (Apollonia Pratt), is bitten by a rattlesnake, her mom Katrina (Carmen Ejogo) finds a strange woman to help her daughter. The mysterious woman heals Carla, even making the bite marks disappear. Katrina is confused by it all, but all she can think about is how grateful she is her daughter is alive. However, it will cost Katrina more than she knows: A soul for a soul.

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Basically, if Katrina wants Carla to stay alive and well, Katrina needs to murder someone. Anyone. And trust me, it’s easier said than done. Taking a life is not so simple as most movies make it appear. Final spoiler warning!

In the end, Katrina manages to kill someone who was likely going to die anyway. But do the people who are killed because of this curse return as ghosts haunting the place where they died? That’s what it seems like since we kept spotting former victims throughout the movie and again in the final scene.

Another question we are left with are Carl’s visions. Katrina found a drawing her daughter made of the strange woman’s figure. How does Carla know about her and why does Carla see the woman in her mind? Is the curse not over? And why a soul for a soul? What was the purpose?

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All of these questions make us believe that there is more to this story. Will a sequel follow? In my opinion, if Rattlesnake gets enough views on Netflix, there could definitely be a second part. If you want answers, get your friends to watch the movie!

Rattlesnake is now streaming on Netflix.