Superstore express lane: The 5 best jokes in Season 5, Episode 6

SUPERSTORE -- "Trick or Treat" Episode 506 -- Pictured: (l-r) America Ferrera as Amy, Justina Machado as Maya -- (Photo by: Ron Batzdorff/NBC)
SUPERSTORE -- "Trick or Treat" Episode 506 -- Pictured: (l-r) America Ferrera as Amy, Justina Machado as Maya -- (Photo by: Ron Batzdorff/NBC) /

Superstore gives Cloud 9 a good scare on Halloween when the new district manager potentially catches them in the act of unionizing.

What’s scarier: a foot-severing serial killer on the loose or the new district manager possibly sniffing out Cloud 9’s unionization efforts? For Superstore’s crew, it’s the latter. The new district manager shows up on Halloween, but the store isn’t on its best behavior with their continued efforts to form a multi-store union to take on corporate coinciding with her visit.

Elsewhere, Cloud 9 catches wind of killer in the area, whose idea of leaving their mark is chopping off feet. Of course, Mateo and Cheyenne believe Dina could be behind the dismemberment spree, but their fears are nothing compared to Glenn’s terror for the garden center haunted house. Let’s break down all the scares and close calls with the five best jokes from the latest episode of Superstore.

1. “We get it… You’re herding us to the polls because no one here votes.”

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Every year, Jonah dresses up as something obscure, political, and conversation-starting, such as his Brexit costume in Season 2. Tired of having to explain his costumes, Jonah merely dresses up as a cowboy, but his co-workers dig deeper for the underlying meaning. Glenn assumes the cowboy’s herding them to practice American democracy, but Dina hits the nail on the head: He’s toxic masculinity. Ironically, Jonah prefers Dina’s interpretation of his costume to his own basic concept.

2. “There’s a trophy room somewhere with heads, hands, and select genitals.”

When news of a local serial killer who’s been cutting off feet makes it to Cloud 9, the employees get on edge, especially when a plastic severed foot shows up in the store’s Halloween decor. Naturally, Dina reacts to the killer news with her usual cavalier, almost morbid outlook.

Mateo and Cheyenne begin to suspect Dina could be the killer when she speaks about body part trophy rooms and aggressively hacks at a pumpkin with a knife. They keep a close watch on her all day and come to the conclusion that she couldn’t be a killer or a criminal… as she breaks into a car.

Superstore Halloween
SUPERSTORE — “Trick or Treat” Episode 506 — Pictured: (l-r) Kaliko Kauahi as Sandra, Jon Barinholtz as Marcus, Amir M. Korangy as Sayid, Kelly Schumann as Justine, Nico Santos as Mateo, Nichole Bloom as Cheyenne — (Photo by: Ron Batzdorff/NBC) /

3. “At the last retreat, she was so coked out, she roundhouse kicked the CEO into the omelette station.”

The new district manager, Maya (guest star Justina Machado), arrives in the store and bonds with Amy over the mess that was the previous district manager. Amy tries to win Maya over with the store’s Halloween celebration, a situation that turns sour when Kelly shows up, dressed as a cowgirl, with her store’s union cards. Jonah kept his work with Kelly a secret from Amy, and their matching “couples costume” doesn’t help wane her jealousy. Maya recognizes Kelly, causing Amy to quickly cover by saying she’s dating Jonah. Really, really bad save, Amy.

4. “I ended up eating the spaghetti brains and grape eyeballs just to survive.”

Glenn and Garrett are in charge of the haunted house in the garden center even though Glenn’s deathly afraid of anything remotely scary. His fear comes from an experience he had when he was trapped in a haunted house for a short period of time, which left him saddled with a lifetime of trauma. When Glenn realizes he forgot his phone inside, he’ll do anything but enter the haunted house.

Before long, Garrett preys on Glenn’s fear, paying a child to deliver a chilling warning and locking Glenn in the haunted house when he finally goes in. But Glenn throws a ceramic pot through the glass door and escapes. No spaghetti brains for survival this time.

5. “Amy, you need to change into Leather Sandy right now.

Before Maya treats Amy, Jonah, and Kelly to coffee, Kelly hides the union cards in one of the children’s goodie bags. To ease the tension of trying to find the cards, Jonah and Kelly take off their costumes, only to end up looking like Danny and Sandy from Grease. Their accidental matching made for one of the best gags in an episode heavy on Amy and Jonah bickering (about kids!).

Dina informs Amy that Maya took a goodie bag on her way out, forcing Amy to track her down in the parking lot and bring her back into the store for a costume contest. Maya’s cat ears win her a two liter of Sprite and a whole lot of discomfort. Luckily, Dina swipes the bag from Maya’s car, but Jonah and Amy discover candy wrappers in the bag, meaning Maya could have seen the cards. Is their union officially busted?

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