HBO Max: Will Adventure Time: Distant Lands differ from its source?


HBO Max bringing back Adventure Time for 4 new specials is a dream come true but how different will Adventure Time: Distant Lands be?

Adventure Time is arguably one of the most beloved cartoon shows of all time. What originally became as a pilot on Nickelodeon, the series garnered a massive following during its 10 seasons run on Cartoon Network. Eventually, the show wrapped up in September of 2018 and we all thought the chapter was closed.

It looks like the chapter is going to be reopened now. With the launch of HBO Max in 2020, our friends in the Land of Ooo are back. If only, for a short time but still back nonetheless. Entitled Adventure Time: Distant Lands, the 4 hour-long episodes are going to follow some of our favorite characters from the original series.

There is no doubt a lot of excitement around the project as Adventure Time is amazing so of course, fans are thrilled. It does bring up a lot of questions, though. Mostly, what’s going to be different when the series is on HBO Max and how will the fan reception be? Of course, there’s not just a simple answer to either question so let’s dive into them.

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Right now, we just have a synopsis of each episode and a poster to go off of. While that’s not much, we can see that the art style is staying the same and that the episode synopsis are pretty consistent with how the show was. However, there is one big question that’s been plaguing me and it’s if the episodes are going to be a little bit more mature.

There are a few reasons why the episodes could be more mature. First, it’s on HBO Max which is known for its more mature programming. While Cartoon Network did give Adventure Time some free reign, it never went overboard. With HBO though, we have the chance to see our favorite characters in an entirely new light. In adding more adult themes, the series has a chance to grow and evolve.

Since the series looks like it’s going to be set in the future, we’ll get to see more grown-up versions of the characters. Thus, it would only make sense for them to be more mature. It would be a great stepping stone for fans who watched the show from the beginning. Fans who started watching in 2010 have grown up with the show and now, it’s the show’s turn. It will be a nice change of pace to see the series tackle more mature themes, too.

As far as differences go though, I don’t think that HBO Max will change too much. As mentioned, they might go a more mature route with the series, possibly add in some characters or bring others back. However, I don’t anticipate them changing too much. Adventure Time was already a great series, so why fix what isn’t broken?

The other issue is going to be the fan reaction to the series. As mentioned above, the reception is overwhelmingly positive. Once the series premieres though, the tables could turn. It probably won’t happen, but they should be prepared for anything. Currently, it seems like the fan reception is going to be great. Adventure Time has millions of fans all over the world so new content is always worth celebrating. Even if things go south and fans don’t like it as much, they can always go back to the original series. Personally, I’m really excited for Adventure Time‘s new chapter.

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Are you excited about Adventure Time: Distant Lands to premiere on HBO Max? How much do you think they will change from the original series? Be sure to let us know in the comments!