Superstore express lane: The 5 best jokes in Season 5, Episode 7

SUPERSTORE -- "Shoplifter Rehab" Episode 507 -- Pictured: (l-r) Nico Santos as Mateo, Lauren Ash as Dina -- (Photo by: Eddy Chen/NBC)
SUPERSTORE -- "Shoplifter Rehab" Episode 507 -- Pictured: (l-r) Nico Santos as Mateo, Lauren Ash as Dina -- (Photo by: Eddy Chen/NBC) /

Dina and Mateo drop the hammer on shoplifters as Superstore complicates Amy’s unionizing efforts with a future at corporate.

Since Amy became manager of Cloud 9, she’s faced a number of “us vs. them” conflicts with her employees. Between receiving supposed perks and adopting a higher up mentality, she’s had to debunk a number of claims that she’s changed or stopped relating to their perspective. The latest Superstore finds Amy feeling the flipped pressure with Maya, the new district manager, as she tries to prove herself. But a new career move might put Amy back in the doghouse with the crew.

Wait until the Cloud 9 rumor mill hears the Amy has since been conflicted about the push to unionize with a previously unforeseen track to work at corporate. They would like Amy’s switching sides even less than Dina and Mateo’s victims like taking part in their new and improved (up for debate) shoplifter rehabilitation program.

Let’s break down all the fights and future talk with the five best jokes from the latest episode of Superstore.

1. “Well, I’ve seen you steal Splenda packets from the cafe, but we’re talking, what, a handful?”

Jonah and Amy discover Maya setting up shop in Amy’s office, opting to remain at their store for an extra day rather than trekking to a new one. Naturally, they wonder if she’s staying put to fire Amy over the union cards Maya could have seen or some other infraction, like stealing hundreds of Splenda packets. But when Maya watches Cheyenne ignore Amy’s authority, Amy worries she’s headed for the hills because she can’t command her employees.

2. “If anything, you broke the fight up by pouring oat milk on him.”

During an impromptu disciplinary meeting, Amy reiterates the rules of no phone usage, not slacking on the job, and clocking in on time. They start to chime in with asinine questions, leading to a physical brawl between Marcus and Russell. It’s then that Amy devises a plan to make it look like she’s firing someone to prove to Maya that she’s not a pushover boss. Conveniently, Bo steps in to fill the role of Dave the Fired Employee, but heflips the script on Amy, and Maya wants to talk.

Superstore Season 5, Episode 7
SUPERSTORE — “Shoplifter Rehab” Episode 507 — Pictured: (l-r) America Ferrera as Amy, Ben Feldman as Jonah — (Photo by: Eddy Chen/NBC) /

3. “I don’t think we can do Funfetti. Jerry’s family is very conservative.”

Sandra receives a very welcome side story this week, which finds Carol helping out with wedding planning. From picking out candles to choosing the perfect lingerie, Carol’s right by Sandra’s side through the whole process with a smile on her face and ulterior motives in her heart. When it comes time for cake tasting, Carol appears to have poisoned Sandra with a special batch. (Give that cake to Jerry’s homophobic family instead, Carol.) Finally, Sandra catches onto Carol’s crazy and pulls a Lady Bird in the car en route to a “remote” wedding venue.

4. “Local clams… Where do you think they’re getting those from?”

Amy panics when Maya wants to take her out for a one-on-one lunch. Surely, that’s when Amy will be ousted as manager. (When Glenn catches wind of Amy’s firing, he puts on his tie and takes over his old post.) But Amy doesn’t get fired. Maya wants to give her some time away from the store. They bond over a bottle of wine, and Maya brings up the store’s history of unionization. She tells Amy that unionizing could hurt her potential future at corporate. Suddenly, Amy’s conflicted, and it doesn’t help that Jonah writes off her possible future promotion.

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5. “I’m gonna check on Gerald, see if he’s still crying in the men’s room.”

As expected, Dina’s reboot of the shoplifter rehabilitation program veers on borderline torture. She taunts them with money, sprays them with water, forces them to walk through the store with sandwich boards and get pelted with tomatoes… It’s everything you’d expect from Dina. But when Mateo hears from the rehab participants that they paid corporate $200 for the course, he feels guilty for assisting Dina with the torture. They can’t feel too bad because they split the money.

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Superstore airs Thursdays at 8/7c on NBC.