Best seasons of Big Brother Canada to re-watch

BIG BROTHER SEASON 21 Logo. Photo: CBS ©2019 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved
BIG BROTHER SEASON 21 Logo. Photo: CBS ©2019 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved /

With Big Brother Canada around the corner and Big Brother USA over for until next year, we thought you might be in need of a Big Brother fix. Here are the best seasons of the Canadian version to re-watch.

Big Brother Canada 7 concluded this past May with Dane Rupert defeating Anthony Douglas in a unanimous 7-0 vote after 69 days. Big Brother USA concluded with Jackson Michie defeating Holly Allen in a 6-3 vote. Now, there is no more Big Brother until next year, so we figured you might be in need of a fix.

The next Canadian version of the show will premiere in early 2020. The Canadian format is basically the same as the American format. The Canadians happen to be more creative with their twists and house design. With this in mind, we compiled the top 3 seasons of the Canadian version to re-watch.

No. 3: Big Brother Canada 4

There’s both good and bad with season 4 but this season was by and large entertaining. The good was the twist that brought in 2 international players to join the 13 houseguests who survived the 1st. I thank the public voters for giving us Tim Dormer and Nikki Grahame because they just made this season so much more entertaining. Nikki’s meltdowns and in-challenge naps were hilarious. On the other hand, Tim adapted very well to the Canadian format and was arguably the best player of the season.

Tim, Joel Lefevre, and Cassandra Shahinfar were absolutely dynamic together. I loved watching this trio together, particularly Cassandra and Tim. Those two had some of the best game play the show has ever seen.

That was the good. Now for the bad. There two twists in particular that I didn’t like. Nick & Phil Paquette playing the game together wasn’t exactly fair since they could be in multiple rooms at once gathering information. Not only this but they had to switch off each week who performed what competition. I think this gave them an unfair advantage.

The worst twist, though, came after the 1st double eviction. Kelsey Faith and Loveita Adams were sequestered in a secret room before getting a shot to return to the game. Even though they had been enemies in the game, they had nothing but time and only each other to talk to. Naturally this led to information being shared amongst the 2. They figured out Mitchell “Mitch” Moffitt was playing both sides as a result.

The houseguests voted Kelsey back into the game and she used her newfound information to get Mitch evicted in a 5-3 vote. Kelsey would make it all the way to the final 2, where she lost to Nick & Phil in a 7-2 vote. I think Mitch could’ve gone rather deep into the game and maybe even won if it weren’t for this twist.

Overall though, this season is still very solid with a good blend of entertainment and gameplay. For this reason it checks in at No. 3.

No. 2: Big Brother Canada 1

The only real drawback to this season was it introduced the jury buy back and I really hate that this is even a thing. You simply shouldn’t get to spend time with the jury before being dropped off at the final 5. Thankfully, the person who got back in from the jury buy back didn’t win. That being said, this is only the case because Topaz Brady made one of the all-time biggest blunder in the history of the show when she accidentally voted for Jillian McLaughlin to win instead of Gary Levy.

The season had an overall entertaining blend of gameplay and personalities. Talla Rejaei was super entertaining to watch. Not only was she a bit crazy but she had one of the all-time greatest meltdowns in Big Brother history. I laugh so hard every time I see it.

I also particularly enjoyed watching Emmett Blois’ gameplay. After being nominated right off the bat, Emmett controlled the house pretty much the entire season. Emmett was absolutely robbed of the win in the end. If the jury buyback hadn’t happened, I have no doubt in my mind that he would have won. In fact, it is really surprising that he has yet to get a second chance.

This season also introduced to us Marsha the Moose. I really enjoyed watching the tasks the houseguests were given via the phone or Marsha. The secret tasks were a nice addition that I wish we saw more often these days.

No. 1: Big Brother Canada 2

There is so much to like about the season. The twists didn’t screw anyone over that had a chance to win and the gameplay was really good. Neda Kalantar is widely considered one of the best players in the Canadian version of the show. Neda and Jon Pardy were so good together as they were a great blend of entertainment and strategy. Arlie Shaban’s antics were also very entertaining.

This season really had two signature moments that defined it. The first came in week 4 when Ika Wong had a choice between taking a $5,000 check and shredding letters from home that everyone would’ve gotten or give everyone the letters from home. Ika chose to shred the letters and take $5,000. While she was evicted early, Ika gained a considerable amount of fan support for this move.

The other signature moment came at the final 3. Neda and Jon had been in a showmance during the season and most felt they wouldn’t break apart. However, Jon knew that if he took Neda to the final 2, Neda would take him to the cleaners in a vote. So, when he won the final HOH Competition of the season, he chose to evict his showmance Neda and take Sabrina Abbate to the final 2. Jon would win the season in a 6-1 vote.

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What seasons of Big Brother Canada do you think are the best to re-watch? Let us know in the comments!