Let It Snow review: Relatable for teenagers in a fun new way

Let It Snow - Matthew Noszka, Kiernan Shipka, Mitchell Hope - Photo Credit: Netflix / Steve Wilkie
Let It Snow - Matthew Noszka, Kiernan Shipka, Mitchell Hope - Photo Credit: Netflix / Steve Wilkie /

Let It Snow on Netflix takes you on the journey of being a teenager and the struggles you face going into the next steps of your life through relationships and friendships.

Netflix has done it again with Christmas movies this year! Let It Snow is heart-warming, funny, and relatable for all ages. The movie is based on the book Let It Snow: Three Holiday Romances following the stories of high school seniors trying to find who they are and the awkwardness of being a teenager before moving into the real world.

The story begins with Angela/The Duke (Kiernan Shipka,) and her best friend Tobin (Mitchell Hope) switching their movie days marathon plans to go to a college party by Angela admirer, JP(Matthew Noszka). As the story progresses, JP joins the best friends causing problems for the two especially since Tobin is in love with The Duke. It’s interesting at the end how much I liked JP character because he wasn’t trying to hard for Angela to notice him.

Tobin is friends with Keon(Jacob Batalon), an aspiring DJ trying to host a party at Waffle Town Diner. Each time Keon pops up on the screen, his character is funny and a good relatable friend to each person he interacts with.

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Moving on to the next couple is 20-year old singer Stuart (Shameik Moore) and Julie (Isabela Moner), who was accepted to Columbia University. Stuart and Julie encountered each other after their train stopped in the middle of Julie hometown. Staurt was a supporting friend to Julie as she tries to figure out her future with her mom being sick. Their story shapes up nicely at the end that makes them one of my favorite couples in the movie.

Two best friends Addie (Odeya Rush), and Dorrie (Liv Hewson) are the most relatable best girl friends I have seen in a long time. Addie stalks her boyfriend Jeb online constantly trying to figure out where he is and who he’s with. Dorrie is fed up with Addie ability to care so much about her boyfriend when it does not seem like he cares about Addie. It’s relatable how your best friend is always going to tell you the truth when it comes to picking the right dude. Addie sees Dorrie point as she hops into the tow truck of Tin Foil Woman (Joan Cusack) seeking Dorrie point of view.

Besides, Dorrie has her own problems to worry about when Kerry (Anna Akana), the girl she’s in love with comes to Waffle Town Diner with her cheerleader friends. Kerry is not out to her friends and every time Dorrie interacts with her character, she brushes her off. The storyline between the two shows a different perspective of its hard for women to come out to their friends. Where as, we have seen so many times, the aspects of how young man struggles with the conversation.

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All of the couples end up at the Waffle Town as their stories connect with each other. The dance scene of everyone at Waffle Town is super cute and great way to end the movie. This movie has some funny moments and overall relatable to how teenagers go through struggles before entering the next phase of their lives. If you want to watch a cute holiday movie, that uplifts your spirits then Let It Snow is the one to watch!

Let It Snow is on now streaming on Netflix.