Will there be an episode of Supernatural on Thanksgiving 2019?

Thanksgiving is just more than two weeks away. Will you get to watch an episode of Supernatural on that day? Here’s a look at CW’s Thanksgiving 2019 plans.

Do you remember in Supernatural Season 13 when a major episode aired on Thanksgiving night? While some weren’t bothered because they didn’t celebrate the holiday, the majority of people warned the network that it would be a bad idea. And it was that bad idea! So, will the network put an episode of Season 15 on during Thanksgiving 2019?

The CW quickly learned from its mistakes when the ratings took a huge hit on such a major episode in the overall storyline. Season 14 saw a week off for Thanksgiving night. It looks like the network is doing the same for Season 15.

While the ratings don’t matter for the show in the final season, the network will still want to put on the best plan possible. It needs to for advertising revenue. There’s no point putting on a show that could bring in the bigger bucks when people aren’t going to be watching it.

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And we know that people won’t watch it. The ratings nose-dived in Season 13. The idea of putting an episode on during Thanksgiving seems ridiculous. People spend the time with family or they’re watching the Macy’s Day Parade and the football. People generally aren’t around to watch their favorite TV show.

So, to sum up, no, there isn’t going to be an episode of the Winchesters on during Thanksgiving 2019. And there’s not even a rerun of the series. The CW is opting for an iHeartRadio special, which will be the second night following on from a change to the schedule on the Wednesday night, too. There will also be specials on Friday night, since the majority of people will be shopping the Black Friday deals.

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Are you disappointed there’s no episode of Supernatural on during Thanksgiving 2019? Do you think it’s a smart move by The CW? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Supernatural airs Thursdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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