Disney Plus: 5 underrated shows that should be added

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3. Pepper Ann

Coming in at the middle is a series that is easily the most overlooked from the Toon Disney era and that’s Pepper Ann. As the first original series created by a woman for Disney, the show seemed poised for success. However since reruns were discontinued in 2008, we haven’t heard much about the series and it’s not on the Disney Plus lineup.

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What’s Pepper Ann about?: While Pepper Ann was extremely underrated, it premiered around the same time that Disney acquired Doug. Both shows are more slice-of-life, focusing on characters and their lives rather than a larger overall plot.

Pepper Ann follows our main character, Pepper Ann Pearson who deals with seventh grade along with the problems that come with being a young adult/almost teenager.

Most episodes also featured her best friends: Nicky and Milo. She’s also raised by her mother and has a sister. The series ran for five seasons with a total of 65 episodes. While Pepper Ann is mostly forgotten now, it was one of my favorite shows and would likely find an entirely new generation of fans.

Will Pepper Ann be added to Disney+ eventually?: As much as I’d love to see Pepper Ann on Disney+, I doubt they’ll add it. It seems like they’ve been slowly but surely trying to push Pepper Ann into the shadows. However, the themes and topics the show covered are still relevant today, making it an easy choice to add eventually. Right now, it seems unlikely.