The Unicorn star Ruby Jay tells what makes the series special

Ruby Jay stars in CBS’s freshman comedy The Unicorn. Photo Credit: Dawn Kingston/Courtesy of Slash Agency.
Ruby Jay stars in CBS’s freshman comedy The Unicorn. Photo Credit: Dawn Kingston/Courtesy of Slash Agency. /

The Unicorn is the best sitcom on television, and Ruby Jay connected to Hidden Remote to share what she loves about the CBS series.

The Unicorn is something truly special, as the CBS series mixes genuine laughs with honest stories about love, loss, friendship, and family. As Grace, Wade’s (Walton Goggins) daughter, Ruby Jay is at the heart of this heartwarming show.

Hidden Remote sat down with Ruby to discuss what originally hooked her about the show, what she would consider her highlight of the season so far, and how the cast has created such strong on-screen chemistry.

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She also spoke to us about her role as the title character in Holly Hobbie, ahead of the Hulu show’s return on Nov. 22. Learn more in our interview with Ruby Jay below, then don’t miss a new episode of The Unicorn at 8:30 p.m. tonight on CBS!

Hidden Remote: What is it about The Unicorn that stood out to you and made you interested in the show?

Ruby Jay: The show itself is so wholesome. The energy and storylines they tell are so incredible, and I was so grateful [that] I get to be a part of that.

But then on top of that, Grace as a character is so much like myself. We’re both 14-year-old girls, trying to figure things out, although I will say she’s much more comfortable exploring than I am.

The main difference between Grace and I is she has lost a mother, and so as an actor I’m trying to find the right place for Grace, that’s part of her life.

HR: The Unicorn is a sitcom, but it also deals with serious issues like the loss of her mother. Does how you play Grace change significantly when the tone of the show changes?

RJ: On some occasions it does, because it’s a turning point in her life and things may touch her in a different way. So it’s trying to figure out when those moments are, and something that I think I’m figuring out as I go.

HR: There was a big episode recently where Grace was in her school play and we got to see her come undone a bit when she talked to her father. How was that scene for you to play?

RJ: Grace kind of opens up her emotions a little bit, and so she gets to show that side of her that’s been hiding for a while—not so much hiding but she’s kept [it] to herself. Being able to do that with Walton was so incredible.

While we were filming the scene, I was getting to a pretty worked-up place, but I couldn’t even feel myself, and that was exactly where I needed to be. I think Walton realized that. [He] reached out to me and kind of pulled me aside, and made me say the one line that was the turning point of the scene, that really cracks the code on the emotion.

He made me say it over and over and over again until I finally got myself worked up, to the point that I was physically shaking. It was such an incredible moment. I didn’t even think I could let myself go to that place, but him having pulled me aside and basically help me give myself permission was incredible.

HR: That chemistry between the cast is a huge component of The Unicorn‘s success; the show just feels so genuine. What is it like to work with this group of people?

RJ: To be completely honest I feel the entire cast just instantly gelled. At the beginning of a series, there is actually that gelling stage, where we kind of become comfortable around each other. But as soon as we started filming, I felt like we were instant family.

It’s so much fun. Everyone keeps the environment so positive because there are those moments where we do have to dig down into dark places. So being able to come off that scene afterward and lighten our mood up is so much fun. Everyone on the crew is so supportive. Everyone has a blast and it’s such an incredible environment.

HR: You’ve got other roles in the works, so are there other projects you’d tell fans of The Unicorn to watch as well? Anything else you’d love to do?

RJ: I’m currently filming another show for Hulu called Holly Hobbie. I got to play Holly and so we just filmed season 2 of that. I also have done an episode of Grey’s Anatomy and Modern Family, to name a few. I definitely learned a lot from each experience.

I’d also love to dive into the theater world. Broadway is a dream!

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The Unicorn airs Thursdays at 8:30 p.m. on CBS.