6 new mysteries on Watchmen we want answered

Photo: Regina King in Watchmen.. Image Courtesy Mark Hill/HBO
Photo: Regina King in Watchmen.. Image Courtesy Mark Hill/HBO /
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Photo: Hong Chau in Watchmen.. Image Courtesy Mark Hill/HBO
Photo: Hong Chau in Watchmen.. Image Courtesy Mark Hill/HBO /

Just when it seemed Watchmen was finally shedding light on its stories, a batch of new mysteries arises, leaving us in the dark.

It’s been a few episodes since Judd Crawford died on Watchmen, and we’re still no closer to finding out what really happened the night he died. In fact, there isn’t much information on anything that the colorful characters of the series are up to. The more we discover about the reality of this alternate Oklahoma, the more we find that there is little we know about everybody’s motives.

In the episode “If You don’t like my story, write your own,” a lot is going on but nothing that will satisfy our curiosity as to the identity of the hum that lies underneath it all. Even as they introduce the elusive Lady Trieu, who is undoubtedly a fascinating new character, she’s still just another mysterious person with secrets.

Putting aside our current frustrations, here’s a tally of all the additional questions that we have as the suspense for the final endgame continues to build.

What is Lady Trieu up to?

Lady Trieu is the trillionaire that bought up Adrian Veidt’s properties after his disappearance, who has suddenly cropped up in Oklahoma to build a giant clock. Not only does her name have a powerful historical reference, but her stance as a wealthy woman who plays no games is also obvious. It becomes apparent that Trieu has some cards up her sleeve that she’s not sharing based on her strategic choices that all begin with the Millenium clock.

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The towering clock will surely come to play in a bigger game plan later on, but the details of that are still unknown. Trieu also buys up the land of a lonely couple that had failed to conceive a child. She presents to them a genetically engineered child for them to raise if they sign away their property within minutes. This clues us in on a very important fact about Trieu. She had been planning to buy the land for a long time because she had prearranged a whole baby.

Also, the landfall of an unknown object that fell from the sky a few moments later suggests that she was expecting the delivery from the air. Is she receiving mail from Dr. Manhattan? I would wager that the unidentified falling object is actually Will Reeves returning to earth.

If we’ve learned anything at all from Watchmen, we know that there are no such things as coincidences. So the fact that Trieu is a native of Vietnam means something as well. Considering that Angela Abar is also from Vietnam, the country quickly becomes a connection between the two.

Historically, the United States had won the war in Vietnam, thanks to The Comedian and Dr. Manhattan. But also, the Comedian was out raping and killing during that war. So I won’t be surprised if one of these ladies isn’t related to him, and in turn, related to Laurie Black.

Another possible scenario could be that Lady Trieu is orchestrating a plan for vengeance. Trieu’s daughter, Bian, has a horrific nightmare that sounds a lot like the Vietnam war. But Bian couldn’t have possibly been alive during the Vietnam war to have witnessed it. Somehow Vietnam is connected to this group and it will likely be a part of something important. If not revenge, then maybe there was something else that developed from that war.

Photo: Watchmen.. Image Courtesy Mark Hill/HBO
Photo: Watchmen.. Image Courtesy Mark Hill/HBO /

Another mystery lies in Trieu’s subtle obsession with Adrian Veidt. She bought his company and also has a golden statue of his present elderly appearance in her vivarium–a vivarium, much like the one that Veidt had in Antarctica. She even refers to Veidt as a great man. Either Trieu is gloating that she has one up on Veidt or she admires him. I doubt Trieu isn’t aware of what really happened with the squid, so she may look up to Veidt for saving the world. Could Trieu be working on helping Veidt escape his prison?