6 new mysteries on Watchmen we want answered

Photo: Regina King in Watchmen.. Image Courtesy Mark Hill/HBO
Photo: Regina King in Watchmen.. Image Courtesy Mark Hill/HBO /
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Photo: Regina King in Watchmen.. Image Courtesy Mark Hill/HBO
Photo: Regina King in Watchmen.. Image Courtesy Mark Hill/HBO /

Who is Will Reeves?

Will Reeves is doing just fine after he got sucked up into the sky in Abar’s car. The man is walking around without a wheelchair, which means that he was probably using the chair to gain sympathy from Abar. And yet another mystery lies in Reeves’ relationship with Lady Trieu. They seem to be cooking up something that will come to a head in three days. The only thing we know about this impending plan is that Abar is going to be livid with her grandfather when it happens.

From the looks of it, Reeves has been orchestrating an elaborate ruse to inform Abar of her grandfather’s identity. While Abar’s aware that Reeves is her biological grandfather, Reeves may be trying to tell his granddaughter that there’s more to his identity then the familial relation. And that may be because Reeves could be a retired masked vigilante.

Based on Blake’s research, Reeves was a cop in the ’40s, which means he would have been around for the Minutemen. Then there’s the coincidence that Reeves dropped off the face of the earth after his time on the force. This supports the fan theory that Reeves may be the Hooded Justice. The Hooded Justice had never revealed his identity during his time in the Minutemen so no one knows what he really looks like.

If that’s not the case, then Will Reeves may be connected to the former vigilante groups in another way. Either way, he has a huge secret that’s about to drop like a hot potato.

What are those pills Reeves left Abar?

When Abar discovers her car dropped from the sky, she checked to see if anything was missing. Everything seems to be in order except for a bottle of pills that Reeves left in the glove compartment. Abar doesn’t tell Laurie about the pills hoping to give them to Looking Glass for further investigation. It so happens that Looking Glass has an ex-girlfriend with a lab that could analyze the pills. Obviously, sending the pills through the police lab is out of the question because  Blake is watching Abar’s every move.

Since Reeves and Trieu agree that the pills are an elaborate way for Reeves to convey a message he could have just said, they will likely lead to key evidence in Reeves’ identity. Maybe the pills’ components will link to something that happened in the past. I’m hoping the pills link to an ingredient that relates to something important versus Abar having to take them and having a bad trip on pills she got from her grandfather.

Are Reeves and Trieu working with Dr. Manhattan?

The biggest mystery is the motivation behind Trieu and Reeve’s actions. We can’t even figure out if what their planning borders on the good side or if they’re about to lay down a great deception. Furthermore, it seems like there is another player in the mix that we have yet to see involved. Are the errands they are both handling connected to Dr. Manhattan? It’s pretty hard not to imagine Dr. Manhattan not having a hand in anything that’s going on because of things falling from the sky and the apparent Mars signal. But in the end, we have to consider the possibility that Dr. Manhattan may have nothing to do with their plans. It may all just have been made to appear that way.

What makes it even more complicated is Trieu and Reeves’ references to others. Trieu has so many things connecting her to Veidt that it almost suggests that she’s somehow working for him or at least trying to free him. And I wouldn’t rule out that she could also be showing off that she’s better than him now. On the other hand, Reeves is trying to drag in his granddaughter into his plans by feeding her bits of information. But how all of these things connect together in the big picture is still beyond me.