What to watch on Netflix this weekend, Nov. 15: The Crown, Klaus and more

Photo: Olivia Colman and Tobia Menzies in The Crown: Season 3.. Image Courtesy Sophie Mutevelian/Netflix
Photo: Olivia Colman and Tobia Menzies in The Crown: Season 3.. Image Courtesy Sophie Mutevelian/Netflix /

Netflix continues to dish out new content, here are 5 great TV shows and movies to watch this weekend, Nov. 15!

The weekend has arrived, which means Netflix has released a new slate of movies and TV shows for subscribers to watch. From new seasons of anticipated favorites, to fun movies the family can all enjoy through the holidays, here are our biggest recommendations, some of which premiere this weekend, while others are previous debuts you may have missed.

The CrownThe biggest premiere this weekend is without a doubt The Crown, one of Netflix’s biggest shows to date! The series debuts its third season and has been one of the most anticipated shows of the year. You’ll have to wait until Sunday, though, as Season 3 won’t stream until Nov. 17. The prestigious British drama continues to walk viewers through the story of Queen Elizabeth (Olivia Colman). Some time has passed from the second season, so we’ll be seeing a new cast of characters joining Colman.

KlausReady for the holidays? Klaus on Netflix is sure to help you welcome that holiday spirit you are locking inside! The animated Christmas movie focuses on the importance of kindness and being a good person.

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The movie follows the story of Jesper (Jason Schwartzman), a postman who, allegedly, motivated Claus (J.K. Simmons) to become to jolly Santa Claus we all know. But not everyone is happy about the unlikely duo bringing joy to the village. Klaus is now streaming on Netflix.

The StrandedYou already know Netflix is constantly championing diversity with their foreign shows. Just to name a few, Marianne and Typewriter are two of our favorites. Now, Netflix is introducing the first Thai original series on their service, The Stranded. 

This series follows the events that take place after a tsunami hits Pintu Island. The survivors wake up find that not only was a lot of disaster left behind, but a haunted island, too. Is Pintu Island now cursed? The Stranded is now streaming on Netflix.

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Earthquake BirdSet in Tokyo in the year 1989, the movie follows Lucy Fly (Alicia Vikander), a woman haunted by her past. When she begins a relationship with Teiji (Naoki Kobayashi), it helps her forget, but what they share is too intense and dangerous. Their lives become more complicated when someone they know turns up dead.

The Toys That Made Us: With Disney Plus now streaming, it’s time to welcome nostalgia into our lives! There’s no better way to do that than with Netflix’s The Toys That Made Us. This season will explore the My Little Pony craze and other popular toys.

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Which series or movie on this list are you the most interested in checking out? Is there one you believe needs to be added to the list? Let us know!