5 good Netflix movies to watch on Thanksgiving

Someone Great on Netflix via Media Center
Someone Great on Netflix via Media Center /

Stuck on what to put on Netflix this holiday season? Here is five movies ideal for everyone in the family, all available on Netflix.

Thanksgiving is a time where the whole family can gather around enjoying each others company (hopefully) and what could be better than a good movie and great food to bring everyone together? There are plenty of fun holidays that take place throughout the year but Thanksgiving and Christmas are really the best ones to celebrate!

It is likely that some point during Thanksgiving there will be some touchy subjects bought up and a few debates (hopefully not political) so putting on Netflix on in the background could be a favorable idea for everyone.

Netflix is helpful in all aspects – put it on whilst preparing the meal or after everyone has feasted and are winding down, it will definitely avoid any awkwardness, too. With great shows and movies for everybody, it’s the perfect background noise.

Although there aren’t many classic Thanksgiving movies besides the obvious few, we have included movies with different genes that will be good for the whole family this holiday season.

Here are 5 movies to watch on Netflix this Thanksgiving.

The Little Prince

Based on the classic children’s novel The Little Prince, it teaches important life lessons and is extremely heartwarming. This may seem like a movie just for the kids but it perfect for everyone in the family to watch, it brings to life what is important in the world and makes you question yourself.

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Set in the heart of it all is The Little Girl (Mackenzie Foy) who is being taught how to live in the grown up world by her mother (Rachel McAdams) and her childhood is slowly fading away. Until she meets her neighbor The Aviator (Jeff Bridges) who helps her rediscover her childhood again by introducing her to an extraordinary world where anything is possible. The Little Prince is truly eye-opening and you may even need some tissues on the side!

Daddy Day Care

I’m pretty sure you will have seen this movie at least once since it came out in 2003 starring Eddie Murphy. However a good comedy is essential for Thanksgiving as it suits everyone, even the younger audiences. Daddy Day Care  is hilarious and will keep the family entertained whilst everything is being prepared. After getting fired at their jobs two men (Eddie Murphy and Jeff Garlin) decide to make their own day care facility, not really understanding exactly how hard that would be when rival day cares take charge.

Someone Great

A romantic comedy is sometimes needed after a long day, either to watch with family or during alone time. Someone Great is a good laugh and shows the truths of letting go of your twenties in to adulthood. Jenny (Gina Rodriguez) is an aspiring music journalist and finally lands her dream the job in San Francisco at an iconic magazine. She had been with her boyfriend for nine years until the night before she is due to leave he calls it quits rather than submit to a long distance relationship. Not wanting to spend her last night in New York like this she gathers up her two best friends for the night of their lives and to also nurse her broken heart.


This one probably is not suitable for younger audiences, but better to watch with the older members of your family. This movie is full of suspense and has been adapted from the original story by Stephen King, which was apparently inspired by true events. The start of the movie is a little slow but the suspense gradually builds, it is less horror and more psychological thriller style.

A rancher (Thomas Jane) makes the decision to brutally murder his wife (Molly Parker) for financial gain, convincing his teenage son (Dylan Schmid) that it is the right thing to do and assist him. A short time after the murder supernatural occurrences start happening around the farm, causing mind games to the father and son duo, if what is happening is simply bad luck or something more menacing.

Holiday in the Wild

A brand new Christmas movie starring Rob Lowe and Kristen Davis is sure to keep festive spirit high. Kate and her husband are due to fly to Africa for their second honeymoon, but on the evening before the trip he confesses he is no longer in love with her and is going to leave.

Confused and unsure of what to do with her life Kate takes a solo trip to Africa when she meets elephant conservationist Derek. With the help of Derek, Kate falls in love with Africa and extends her trip to work at the elephant sanctuary. Holiday in the Wild displays how important it is to find yourself and that a new start is sometimes needed to be happy.

These movies are all available to watch on Netflix.

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What will you be watching this Thanksgiving? What is your favorite Thanksgiving movie? Let us know in the comments below!