Disney Plus: 10 best 90s movies to stream now

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9. The Muppet Christmas Carol

You haven’t lived until you’ve seen The Muppet Christmas Carol, and Disney Plus has been kind enough to make it available for streaming. So, whether this is a ’90s movie you’ve yet to watch or one you’re returning to over 20 years later, welcome to the land of the living.

What it’s about: The title pretty much speaks for itself, but just in case a little bit more information is needed to verify: The Muppet Christmas Carol is the muppets’ take on Charles Dickens’ classic story, A Christmas Carol.

The muppets make Dickens’ work their own, which means there are some elements to the story that have been tweaked—even though it’s been a while since I read the book, I’m fairly certain Scrooge didn’t do his apprenticeship in a rubber chicken factory—but the overall heart of Dickens’ original work is still there.

Why you should stream it on Disney Plus: Do we ever really need a reason to watch the muppets? If so, come for all the Dickensian goodness without having to worry about decoding the author’s 19th century language; stay for Michael Caine as Ebenezer Scrooge. And make sure you’re prepared to sing along with all the musical numbers!

8. Sister Act

Both Sister Act and its sequel, Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit are on Disney Plus, and we couldn’t be more ready to sing and dance along with Sister Mary Clarence.

What it’s about: This setup is completely bizarre, but work with us here. Sister Act stars Whoopi Goldberg as Deloris Wilson, who gets sent into witness protection after accidentally witnessing a murder. Yes, accidentally. Most people have the misfortune of walking in on their boyfriends cheating on them; but Deloris walked in on hers killing a guy.

Suddenly, instead of singing in a casino, Deloris is posing as a nun. When she gets put in charge of the choir, she gives it a whole new life.

Why you should stream it on Disney Plus: First of all, the cast is loaded with musical talent. Not to mention, on top of the Whoopi Goldberg appearing as the star (and soon to play Sister Mary Clarence again), Sister Act also featured Maggie Smith as the Mother Superior and Kathy Najimy as one of the nuns. Bonus: Lauryn Hill was in the sequel.

More important than the star power or the opportunity for a singalong, though, Sister Act is one of the best ’90s movies in terms of showcasing what sisterhood really looks like. Deloris/Sister Mary Clarence found herself a true family of women to support and (eventually) accept her, even when there was no reason to believe she and the others would have any common ground.

We could all use a little bit (a lot, really) of that in our lives.