Disney Plus: 10 best 90s movies to stream now

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1. While You Were Sleeping

We might have saved the best for last with this one. While You Were Sleeping is easily one of the 10 best ’90s movies on Disney Plus.

What it’s about: Lucy is pretty much an old cat lady, except for the part where she’s not even old. That all changes when she saves her crush’s life and is mistaken for his fiancee. Not only does she gain a fake love of her life in the comatose Peter, but she also becomes part of his family. In a classic enemies-to-lovers type of twist, it’s Peter’s skeptical brother, Jack, who actually becomes the love of Lucy’s life.

Why you should watch it on Disney Plus: While You Were Sleeping will warm you up on a cold day, make you believe in love again, and give you a new family to keep you company when you’re feeling lonely. Probably the best part of this movie, aside from the as-always great performance from Sandra Bullock, is in the way the love story wasn’t just the romantic kind.

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Sure, Lucy and Jack found their happily-ever-after, but so did Lucy and the whole extended family. Often, these rom-coms don’t really provide much development for more than the one type of love; but this one puts the family front and center.

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