Temptation Island Season 2, Episode 4: Updated odds and a threesome

TEMPTATION ISLAND -- Season:2 -- Pictured: Payton Burgess -- (Photo by: John Tsiavis/USA Network)
TEMPTATION ISLAND -- Season:2 -- Pictured: Payton Burgess -- (Photo by: John Tsiavis/USA Network) /

On this episode of Temptation Island, there is a reverse friend-zone, an intimate shower, a threesome, a rejected lap dance, and some outright disrespect.

Lines are getting crossed every single moment on Temptation Island . Both groups are straying so far from potential monogamy that it’s not even remotely being followed. This is the most wild episode in the show’s history, and that’s saying something considering there was sex on the second episode.

This episode, Payton really takes center stage, and may soon become a villain within the house.

Rick and Ashley G.

Last Episode Odds: 0% chance of success.

Updated Odds: LOL% chance of success.

Reason for the change: Can it go lower than 0%? Rick nearly breaks a few times on camera, almost crying. Either that or he’s a great actor. Both Medinah and Samantha are making moves on Rick, and he appears to be taking a step towards moving on. It’s Medinah, however, that appears to be more serious, and that is intimidating Rick. Ashley picks KB for her date again. Obviously. She says it’s because of their connection. And by connection she means “had sex.”

Speaking of sex, apparently Rick forgot his ex-girlfriend, yes, ex-girlfriend, had sex with another dude within a day or two of arriving on the island. Medinah is being sweet, supportive, and making the moves on Rick, but he responds with awkward laughter and a confusing resistance. Thankfully he responds a bit better the following day, when she openly stakes her claim in front of everyone else by publicly, once again being the aggressor.

The final twist to their former relationship and actions on the show is that KB reverse friend zones Ashley G when she talks about leaving the show together.

Casey and Ashley H.

Last Episode Odds: 10% chance of success.

Updated Odds: 9% chance of success.

Reason for the change: Apparently, Rick isn’t the only one receiving simultaneous attention. Casey has Payton feeling him, but then asks for a date with Rachel right in front of Payton. Brutal slap in the face. The dynamic is convenient because Deac and Ben are both vibing with Casey. She asks Ben out on the date right in front of Deac, and it’s not a slap in the face. There is a lot of friend zone feeling about the entire thing, and one has to wonder if either guy has a chance moving past that zone.

There’s some serious backlash for Casey, who takes a tongue lashing from Payton. More on Payton receiving a tongue-lashing later.

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Gavin and Esonica

Last Episode Odds: 45% chance of success.

Updated Odds: 35% chance of success.

Reason for the change: The hilarious part about Gavin’s relationship with Esonica right now is he can’t even read the situation on Medinah, who went on a pity date with him. It’s different, however, for Esonica, who goes on a date with Kareem for a second time. They obviously have a connection.

Of course, during the black-out party at the guys’ villa, Gavin sucks on Payton’s toes in the pool.  So Gavin continues to misread everything. Surprisingly, there is still more on Payton receiving a tongue-lashing later.

David and Kate

Last Episode Odds: 95% chance of success.

Updated Odds:  5% chance of success.

Reason for the change: David and Toneata go on a date, but it’s a lot less steamy than the previous night’s hot tub lap dance. Vanilla pudding has more spark than their date. I’m not even sure if Kate went on a date. Dominique is interested, but whatever.

David and Samantha connect at the house. Then later in his room when she flashes her vagina. Then moments after when he helps take off her bikini top. It’s at this point I asked myself, “Why can’t this show be on Cinemax?” Anyway, then they shower together, but it’s much steamier than the Weird Science shower scene.

You’d think that’s about as bad as it could get, and Kate would have a panic attack after seeing it at the next bonfire, but apparently Rick is more interested in causing the first cardiac arrest in Temptation Island history. He may as well knock out as many firsts as possible, because he also has the first threesome ever with Samantha and Payton, who is finally finished for the episode. Please have a doctor ready to go when Kate sees this.

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Temptation Island airs Thursday nights on USA.