5 villains who definitely need their own movies

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Villains have been raking in money at the box office success within the last few years. Heading into 2020, here are five villains that need their own solo films.

A movie’s protagonist is only as good as its antagonist. Audiences across the world have drove out in the masses to watch their favorite villains on the big screen.

In recent years, Maleficent was the fourth highest-grossing film of 2014,  Venom broke the box office record for an October debut, and just this week Joker became the first R-rated film to gross a billion dollars.

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Studios are taking notes and there are a lot of upcoming films focusing on iconic villains.  Soon The Rock will be cooking up as Black Adam in a solo film. Disney has cast Emma Stone as Cruella de Vil in an upcoming origin film.

Looking into the future, it is looking like 2020 and beyond will be the decade of the villain. There are plenty of defining villains of yesteryear that have not had their story told on the big screen. Some of these villains have been in movies before but didn’t get their just due, while others have a lot more depth that needs to be covered.

Hopefully, one day these characters get an adaptation that expands their legacy for future generations. Here’s a list of villains who deserve their own solo film without heroes ruining the fun.