5 villains who definitely need their own movies

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Photo Credit: Marvel Entertainment
Photo Credit: Marvel Entertainment /

5. Kingpin (Wilson Fisk)

Are Marvel movies cinema or just visual amusement park rides? According to director Martin Scorsese they’re the latter, but a film about one character seems to be more up Scorsese’s ally.

In the New York City underground, what one man says, goes. Before Wilson Fisk became the Kingpin, he had to work his way up in the ranks to earn the position. A film that chronicles Fisk’s rise from obese kid to muscular machismo would naturally be a captivating crime-drama. The story arc piratically writes itself and this would be a welcoming entry inside the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

With the right casting, a Kingpin film would be a crime-drama that fans would be talking about for years to come. The relationship between him and his wife Vanessa could put Tony and Carmela Soprano to shame.

Since Kingpin runs New York City, a film about him would be a perfect way to interweave future stories in the MCU.  He may not be the most powerful villain or an Avengers level threat, but he could bring together a couple New York City heroes together.

With the future of Daredevil unknown and Marvel Studios working on six more Spider-Man films, Wilson Fisk would be the perfect way to unite the two heroes in a future film.