The Crown Season 3 delivered its most emotional episode in Episode 3

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The Crown hasn’t shied away from some of the most horrific moments in British history. Season 3 delivered its most emotional episode to date in Episode 3.

The Crown Season 3, Episode 3 will go down as one of the most memorable episodes of the whole series. It’s also one of the most emotional episodes going.

For those who haven’t binge-watched the entire season this weekend, there are spoilers in this post for Episode 3. The spoilers are only for that episode and nothing that happens before or after it.

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One of the things The Crown has always done is to offer real stories. Whether it’s been the disconnect between Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip or Princess Margaret’s affair with Peter Townsend, the show has focused on the real events that have happened. We even had moments of national shock, such as the fog that hit London.

However, The Crown Season 3, Episode 3 stepped up the shock, the horror, and the emotion. It focused on the Aberfan disaster, the landslide that led to the deaths of 144 people (116 of them children). Those who know their history would have known the horrors that were coming the moment the town name popped up at the start of the episode. Even just knowing it was in Wales, the look of the coal tips would have been enough for the heart to jump to the throat.

One thing the show has always done has been focused on how the events have affected the Royal Family. How the family had to deal with the public opinion often due to the reactions to events. Looking at Aberfan from the Royal Family point of view took away slightly from the disaster, but also added another layer of emotion.

The Crown
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For me, Ben Daniels shared everything we were all feeling. Just that request of Margaret to kiss the children made it clear that this affected Antony Armstrong-Jones deeply. The loss of all those human lives (and needlessly, I’ll add, had only something been done about the tips in the first place) shook him to the core, and Daniels showed that in just the facial expressions as he walked around the town.

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When he was on the phone telling the story, you could see the horror in his eyes. This was a man who didn’t even need to be told to head to the town. He heard about it and immediately knew this was something he was needed for.

Then it followed with Tobias Menzies’ acting throughout the funeral scene. As anger fuelled the families, they refused to lash out. They sang, and that haunting hymn added such a beautiful layer to the emotion. It gave us a town of people coming together in such an emotional disaster, something Prince Philip picked up on during that visit.

As the episode said, this disaster will go down as one that Queen Elizabeth regrets not going to right away. While she had a sound reason not to go there when the rescue/recovery mission was underway, she should have been there for the funeral. However, that doesn’t take away from the emotion of the episode, as we pray for those poor souls who had no chance against the landslide.

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The Crown Season 3 is now available to stream on Netflix.