Temptation Island Season 2, Episode 6: Updated odds and a manly kiss

TEMPTATION ISLAND -- Season:2 -- Pictured: (l-r) Ashley Howland, Casey Starchak -- (Photo by: John Tsiavis/USA Network)
TEMPTATION ISLAND -- Season:2 -- Pictured: (l-r) Ashley Howland, Casey Starchak -- (Photo by: John Tsiavis/USA Network) /

Temptation Island is starting to really work its magic, as three couples are in serious trouble, and sex is in the air.

At this point, should the opening song for Temptation Island change the lyrics from “you’re not gonna tempt me,” to “you’re definitely going to tempt me” to avoid all confusion? There are only three people left at this point who haven’t made a physical connection or slip-up.

This show is an absolute love trap. It’s a minefield of temptation and heartache.

Rick and Ashley G.

Last Episode Odds: LMAO% chance of success.

Updated Odds: LOL% chance of success.

Reason for the change: You know, so many talk about growth on this show and it feels like a sham. Rick, however, admits that he has always shut down emotionally, and doesn’t do so when Medinah starts to get emotional about his lack of commitment. For the first time this season, Ashley G. actually does something good: she gives a date to Chris. He is HILARIOUS. He said he doesn’t care if the date is with a muskrat or a meerkat, but he’s on a date. The date is a comedy show.

Guess who Rick takes on a date? Medinah. She feels like his girlfriend, and he said he doesn’t think about Ashley G. when with Medinah. Rightfully so. The bonfire shows Ashley more hesitant, and it’s absurd that Rick thinks there is still a chance.

Casey and Ashley H.

Last Episode Odds: 5% chance of success.

Updated Odds: 2% chance of success.

Reason for the change: Ashley shakes her butt in a g-string bikini during a post-bonfire ABC party (anything but clothes), but she’s torn up and crying in Deac’s willing arms. Casey is good at making women cry, apparently, because when he chooses Rachel, it makes Payton not only cry, but also send a message to Ashley H. about her boyfriend. The date between Casey and Rachel is fishing, and as awkward as sea-sickness.

But let’s get to the awesomeness of the date between Ashley H. and Ben, who are officially this season’s Morgan and Evan. They are nearly perfect together, and he finally gets the opening to make a move. After their date of kite-flying and a picnic, he leans in for a kiss that she eagerly accepts and reciprocates. Later Casey! This song goes out to Casey, who’s sitting alone in the Sad Tub watching the other three guys have fun.

Gavin and Esonica

Last Episode Odds: 34% chance of success.

Updated Odds: 40% chance of success.

Reason for the change: Kareem’s game is smooth. Every single thing Gavin does wrong, or slightly off, Kareem accentuates the point. Gavin for his part in things, reintroduces everyone to Mia by asking her out on a second date. Now that we’ve seen her twice, she seems real fun and playful, even though she has a small resemblance to Andre 3000.

The bonfire shows Gavin as really introspective. He realizes Esonica means a lot, and he’s really missing her. Expect him to pull back from connections for an episode or two, or until he sees Esonica actually cheat with Kareem.

David and Kate

Last Episode Odds: 0% chance of success.

Updated Odds:  0% chance of success.

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Reason for the change: Who would have thought David was going to have the threesome? Spring Break 2019!! Kate is a wreck, and Dominique uses the opportunity to move in a little closer and get some physical contact while consoling her. She’s a wreck after the bonfire. David avoids his threesome and goes back to the woman who caused Kate her original heartbreak: Toneata. David and Toneata later dance in the kitchen, and his hand never leaves his butt. Which is odd since he’s simultaneously leading Sam on

Kate has cracks in the armor, however, because she’s letting Dominique get closer. In perhaps the most awkward moment in show history, she shares a hammock with Chris, who has his hand on her butt, while also basically touching all around Dominique’s privates (David obviously hates it at bonfire).

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Temptation Island airs Thursday nights on USA.