Is American Horror Story: 1984 on FX on tonight?

A Wednesday night usually means settling in for the day to watch American Horror Story on FX, but is there a new episode on tonight?

I hate to deliver the sad news, but you’ll need to make different plans tonight! That’s right, if this is the first you hear about it, where have you been? American Horror Story: 1984 is not on tonight because the season finale was last week! If you missed it, catch up immediately, because that was one bloody finale.

Now that we no longer have American Horror Story Wednesdays, what will you watch? Sure, there are several options, but none are great enough to fill the void. If you have any suggestions, be sure to drop them below in the comments. Spoiler alert: We’ll be discussing the season finale of AHS: 1984, below. Catch up on the season before reading ahead.

Final spoiler warning! Unlike most American Horror Story seasons, 1984 features a rather happy ending, which has sparked a mix reaction with fans. Happy finales are great an all, but only with the appropriate series, and I’m not sure AHS is one of these. As much as we fall in love with the characters, we’re more used to tragedies and shocking twists in the final episodes.

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In AHS: 1984, however, everyone (except the villains, of course) finds peace and is able to live the rest of their dead lives happily. How did you feel about the season finale?

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If you’re wondering if there will be a Season 10, rest assured that there sure will be! While that’s excellent news, there are rumors that this may be the final season, and we are so not ready for that. At the very least, we’re very grateful for 10 seasons (well, with the tenth one to come).

Share your thoughts on the AHS: 1984 finale in the comments!