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SUPERSTORE -- "Curbside Pickup" Episode 509 -- Pictured: (l-r) Lauren Ash as Dina, America Ferrera as Amy -- (Photo by: Tina Thorpe/NBC)
SUPERSTORE -- "Curbside Pickup" Episode 509 -- Pictured: (l-r) Lauren Ash as Dina, America Ferrera as Amy -- (Photo by: Tina Thorpe/NBC) /

In the latest episode of Superstore, Cloud 9 jumps on the curbside pickup trend in grocery, while Amy tries to set Mateo up with her brother.

Once again, Cloud 9 is mixing things up and trying new things. Superstore tackles the growing curbside pickup trend expediting the process of grocery shopping. Dina leads the charge for corporate’s new initiative, which has Jonah, Cheyenne, and other overworked employees running full orders directly to customers’ cars. Inevitably, their execution of curbside pickup will hit a snag, fall behind, and create chaos and potentially anarchy within the store.

Elsewhere, Amy’s brother Eric (guest star George Salazar) drops by Cloud 9, which leaves Amy believing she caught sparks between Eric and Mateo. Since there’s nothing subtle about Amy’s methods when it comes to meddling or anything really, we’ll tend to guess that there were no sparks. While the rest of the employees work overtime to fulfill curbside pickup orders, Garrett becomes impressed and possibly obsessed with a customer’s high-tech purchase.

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How will the Cloud 9 crew fare in corporate’s new curbside pickup initiative? Will they successfully bring orders to customers’ cars, or will they drop the ball and mess it all up? Why wouldn’t corporate partner with a company that provides that service in the first place?

What brings Amy’s brother to the store? Does Amy push Eric and Mateo together, or does she genuinely think she sees sparks between the two? Do Eric and Mateo have sparks, or is Amy reaching just because they’re both single? Will they call her out on the matchmaking of convenience?

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Don’t miss the latest episode this Thursday to find out. Until then, watch a hilarious highlight of what the Cloud 9 gang was up to in last week’s episode of Superstore in the video below!

Curious as to what we can expect from the newest episode of Superstore? Check out the official synopsis of “Curbside Pickup” via NBC:

"As part of a new corporate initiative Dina is spearheading, Jonah, Cheyenne and other overworked employees have to rush items directly to shoppers’ cars. Amy’s brother, Eric (George Salazar), visits the store, and Amy thinks she sees a spark with Mateo. Garrett is impressed by a customer’s high-tech purchase."

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When? Thursday, Nov. 21
What time? 8 p.m. ET
Which episode? Season 5, Episode 9, “Curbside Pickup”
Where? NBC
How can you watch? Stream 1 | Stream 2