5 good Netflix shows to watch on Thanksgiving

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3. Raising Dion

For a more kid-friendly show for Thanksgiving, Raising Dion is a great holiday show for the entire family. Raising Dion captures the love a mother has for their children, protecting him from hard, and the struggles you face when losing a spouse. There are moments in the show that are heartfelt, funny, and fun for the whole family.

Raising Dion follows the story of a widowed mom, Nicole, raising her eight-year-old son Dion after his father passes away from a weird storm. Dion possesses powers beyond anyone’s comprehension through the help of his mother. Without his father Mark being around, Dion tries to remember him and the struggle to have a father figure in his life. Later on in the season, Mark has the same abilities as Dion and it’s interesting how he plays a factor into Dion’s situation since Mark is dead.

5 good Netflix shows to watch over Thanksgiving weekend. light. Related Story

Raising Dion handles the realism of his powers to real-world scenarios. This show teaches meaningful lessons on how hard it can be to process grief and the reality of racism at a very young age. I love watching superhero shows and showing how a little kid can have powers and how to use them. Raising Dion has a great storyline for the whole family and it a show to watch on Netflix on Thanksgiving Day.