Temptation Island Season 2, Episode 7: Updated odds and the coup de grâce

TEMPTATION ISLAND -- "The Journey Begins" Episode 201 -- Pictured: (l-r) Payton Burgess, Casey Starchak -- (Photo by: Mario Perez/USA Network)
TEMPTATION ISLAND -- "The Journey Begins" Episode 201 -- Pictured: (l-r) Payton Burgess, Casey Starchak -- (Photo by: Mario Perez/USA Network) /

There are two dead relationships on Temptation Island, and after the most manly kiss of the season, a third relationship is flat-lining. What’s next?

So Casey got to see Ashley H. kiss a Ben. Granted, the sheets are over both of them, but Casey doesn’t know that. As far as he’s aware, his girlfriend just did the same thing Ashley G. did. Rick completely understands. It’s called Temptation Island after all.

Can Gavin and Esonica be the only relationship to make it through the season?

Rick and Ashley G.

Last Episode Odds: LOL% chance of success.

Updated Odds: 1% chance of success.

Reason for the change: Still hilarious that Ashley G. and Rick are even remotely entertaining their relationship right now. Rick is not responding to Medinah‘s pressure at the moment. He starts yelling at her for not caring about him consoling Casey.. Then he apologizes at her, and she accepts. It’s a bit odd, a bit toxic, and a bit caring at the same time.

Similarly, Ashley G. and KB absolutely blow up on one another. He calls her the B-word, she questions the size of his penis, then he demands she take her wig off. One gets the impression KB has probably at the very least pushed a woman before, if not come to blows. Conveniently, there is another elimination vote, and KB gets sent home.

In the end, however, Rick and Ashley G. are both thinking and talking about one another, even if he doesn’t think she’s sincere.

Casey and Ashley H.

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Last Episode Odds: 2% chance of success.

Updated Odds: Snowball-in-hell% chance of success.

Reason for the change: There is no coming back for Casey. It doesn’t matter how hard he punches the chair when he sees Ashley H. in bed with Ben. She is school-girl smitten.

Honestly, what did he expect would happen when bringing a young, insecure woman onto a show with a bunch of horny dudes looking to break up a relationship? Post man-kiss with Ben, nothing matters. Not the flowers Deac leaves on her bed, and not Deac, who gets axed while Ashley H. sheds a few crocodile tears.

The most jacked up thing about it is the fact the bonfire video shows Payton destroying Casey, when it could have shown Casey sulking in the “Sad Tub.” Then he returns to the house and Payton says she doesn’t feel bad for him. Personal videos don’t help the situation at all. Casey bawls, and Ashley H. smiles while saying she regrets nothing. From this point forward let’s just call Casey by his new nickname “Radio Star,” because that video killed him. After seeing the reality of the season, and her own capriciousness, she has to feel a little bit bad.

Gavin and Esonica

Last Episode Odds: 40% chance of success.

Updated Odds: 50% chance of success.

Reason for the change: These two are virtually not even in the episode. Gavin is remotely interested in Mia. I guess. Esonica and Kareem are still in the “7th grade relationship”-stage, where it’s all giggles and hand holding. Gavin’s video to Esonica is sweet, but she’s not buying it. Which is kind of a surprise. Her video was a bit emotionless, which surprises him.

David and Kate

Last Episode Odds: 0% chance of success.

Updated Odds:  0% chance of success.

Reason for the change:  Apparently David is trying to “figure out everything,” because he doesn’t know what’s in Kate’s head right now. It could be because he had a threesome and keeps referring to it as a mistake. If anything, it’s plural: mistakes.

Speaking of mistakes, he sends Samantha home during elimination, even though Colleen has said maybe three sentences on screen the entire season and probably should have been sent home instead. Samantha’s parting shot is to call David a “little b***h.” Petty, but funny.

The video message David sends Kate is about personal growth, but it’s monotone and about as believable as Baghdad Bob.

Peasants shot down two Apaches? You don’t say. I guess it’s a bit more believable than Kate and David staying together after her video serves as a relationship coup de grâce, and makes David sob and hyperventilate like a child.

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