The Magical Christmas Shoes: 3 adorable scenes

The Magical Christmas Shoes on Lifetime, photo courtesy Lifetime A&E
The Magical Christmas Shoes on Lifetime, photo courtesy Lifetime A&E /

Erin Karpluk stars in Lifetime’s sugary sweet Christmas movie, The Magical Christmas Shoes. Check out our top three favorite scenes.

Erin Karpluk leads the cast of Lifetime’s newest holiday film. The Magical Christmas Shoes follows her character, Kayla. Kayla receives a new pair of Christmas shoes every year from her doting grandmother, along with a note that somehow reveals the exact message Kayla needs to hear at any given moment.

Kayla believes her Christmas shoes are magical and keeps them stacked in a place of reverence in her apartment. However, this year, it seems her shoes might be more of a curse than a blessing as she’s wearing them every time something goes wrong in her life.

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She’s wearing a pair when she steps in bubble gum and meets the charming and handsome owner of her favorite candy shop, Reid’s. John is keen to help her out of her sticky situation and the two begin a working relationship to drive up business at the shop. Slowly, their business deal evolves into something a little more romantic.

3. Kayla shows off her collection

If you thought Kayla only had a few pairs of “magical Christmas shoes” in her collection, you would be sorely mistaken. She jumps at the opportunity to show off her stylish ensemble when hanging out with John on one occasion.

He witnesses everything from her cozy Christmas Crocs to her minx-like velvet boots. If the man can tolerate the insanity of her shoe collection and, even better, find a way to help her get her dream job out of it, he’s surely a keeper.

2. Candy cane baking

I’ve never seen someone bake candy canes before. I honestly never considered people “baked” them at all. It was fascinating to watch John and Kayla assemble them together in the kitchen at Reid’s.

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Seeing as how the peppermint treats are Kayla’s favorite, it made the moment even sweeter. It was hard to choose between this scene and the one where John gives her a dainty peppermint ring.

1. A kiss to seal the deal

By the time the film gets to the end, we know that Kayla and John will find their way back together. Kayla gives an impassioned speech to John’s father about how important her window display work is to her and persuades the grumpy old man to give John another chance at running Reid’s the way he wants to instead of following protocols.

Kayla winds up getting the perfect job and leaving her sleazy ex-boyfriend in the dust and the two share a romantic kiss in the candy shop. We might have seen the ending coming but that doesn’t make it any less sweet.

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Lifetime’s next new Christmas movie, Twinkle All the Way, airs tonight at 8 p.m. ET.