Twinkle All the Way: 3 sweet moments

Twinkle All the Way on Lifetime, photo courtesy Lifetime A&E
Twinkle All the Way on Lifetime, photo courtesy Lifetime A&E /

Sarah Drew stars in Lifetime’s latest Christmas movie, Twinkle All the Way, as a devoted event planner who becomes starry-eyed when she meets a decorator.

Former Grey’s Anatomy star Sarah Drew stars in tonight’s Lifetime Christmas movie, Twinkle All the Way. Drew plays Cadence Clark, a notable event planner who is doing her best to pull off an extravagant Christmas Eve wedding.

Cadence crosses paths with handsome Christmas decorator Henry Harrison (Ryan McPartlin) at a volunteer event at the elementary school where both their young daughters attend. The two bond backstage as they build sets for the Christmas play and share adorable playdates where their little girls bond. As two single parents, it doesn’t take long for Cadence and Henry to realize they’re perfect for one another.

We’re ranking the top three sweetest moments from Twinkle All the Way.

3. Henry teaches Cadence how to paint.

While designing the elf village backstage for the upcoming Christmas play, Cadence mistakenly swipes Henry with a paintbrush and stains her flannel white. Instead of moping about the fashion faux pas, Henry takes advantage of the moment to teach Cadence a thing or two about his painting technique.

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They get to share a sensual moment where Henry guides Cadence through the proper way to paint her own little tree. Cadence catches on surprisingly fast and makes an adorable landscape across the canvas of Henry’s ruined shirt. To make it even better, Henry then gets his shirt framed so that Cadence can keep her first official painting in her house.

2. Creamy dreamy hot cocoa for two.

A playdate for their daughters turns into an impromptu date night for the adults. Henry and Cadence bond together over their shared love of Christmas and the adorable sweetness of their kids. Cadence even whips up her mom’s perfect hot chocolate recipe.

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But the night gets even better when their daughters put on a light show in their room and invite their parents to join them for a story. The foursome cozies up together with their delicious hot cocoa to enjoy a night in. It becomes totally obvious that Henry and Cadence are perfect for one another when you see them all together as a family unit.

1. The perfect wedding and the perfect kiss.

Maybe the movie’s ending wedding is about the couple getting married, but somehow Henry and Cadence manage to steal the show. After pulling off the impossible by getting her friends married at the elementary school where they met, which also happens to be the school her daughter attends, Cadence revels in the victory by giving Henry a long-overdue kiss.

The two finally get together post-marital bliss, and it’s the perfect Christmas gift for both of them and the audience.

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