What we know about Steven Universe Future

Photo Credit: Steven Universe/Cartoon Network Image Acquired from Turner Press
Photo Credit: Steven Universe/Cartoon Network Image Acquired from Turner Press /

Steven Universe Future continues the story of the beloved Cartoon Network character. Here’s everything we know about what is coming.

For fans of the series that haven’t been paying close attention, news that Steven Universe not only came to an end but also has an imminent epilogue series coming out could be a bit jarring. Nevertheless, the end for Steven Universe has come and this is the finishing lap, at least by all indications.

It’s difficult to watch a beloved show depart from our lives but it’s always better to go out the way a series wants itself to than to just disappear one day. If you love something, you have to set it free; that whole thing,

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Given that, the end is upon us, probably. Discussions regarding Steven Universe Future have likened it to being an epilogue to the five-season run, a final season, or both. For the sake of simplicity and not getting blindsided later, let’s just refer to this as both.

There’s always the possibility that more seasons will come along in the years to follow after Steven Universe Future finishes out this year, but it’s always best to err on the side of caution. What we do know, however, is what the limited epilogue series will be bringing, to a certain extent.

Steven Universe Future will be picking up after the events of Steven Universe: The Movie, about two years after the end of season five. Judging by the synopses that have been released for the upcoming ten episodes that will start on Dec. 7, much of the series will revolve around Little Homeschool, a place where gems can learn how to exist peacefully on Earth.

Steven will undoubtedly be working to help the gems further assimilate into Earth’s culture, as seen in the teaser trailer that was released last week. We can also spot some familiar faces in the trailer as well in the forms of Jasper and Pink Pearl, who have a kind of forebodement hovering around them.

We haven’t seen Jasper since the end of the fifth season when she was healed by Steven and the Diamonds and it will be interesting to see the state she is in now. Previously, she has been aggressive and dangerous to virtually everyone around her and that’s unlikely to have changed now. We haven’t seen her reaction to the revelation of Pink Diamond but it’s unlikely to be a good one.

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Whether Steven Universe Future is the end of the series or not, the upcoming few episodes will be filled with emotional depth and potency that will leave us all wanting more.

Steven Universe Future will premiere on December 7th on Cartoon Network.