10 best romantic Christmas movies on Netflix

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Photo Credit: A Christmas Prince/Netflix, Acquired From Netflix Media Center /
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Dear Santa

This letter was supposed to reach the North Pole, but instead, it fell into the hands of someone looking to change their life.

What’s it about: Crystal Carruthers (Amy Acker) is a young woman that has lived her entire life on her parents’ money. That’s all about to change when Crystal’s parents state that they will cancel Crystal’s credit cards on Christmas if she does not straighten up her life.

One day, Crystal miraculously finds a letter addressed to Santa from a seven-year-old girl named Olivia (Emma Duke). Olivia asks Santa to send her widowed father, Derek (David Haydn-Jones) a new wife for Christmas. Crystal sees this as a sign from above and decides to find this family and become the girl’s Christmas present.

Derek happens to be a hard-working citizen as he owns a snow plowing business and a soup kitchen for the homeless. Crystal decides to track Derek down and ends up volunteering at the soup kitchen.

At first, she couldn’t care less about the homeless. However, she eventually grows closer to Derek and Olivia. However, Derek already has a girlfriend. Can Crystal become the present that Derek and Olivia need?

Why you should stream Dear SantaAlthough Crystal wants to win Derek over, it’s her interactions with Olivia that end up becoming more important. Dear Santa is a heart-warming story about how one woman can change the lives of a family in mourning.