5 top takeaways from the Black Widow trailer


Marvel’s first Black Widow trailer dropped! Let’s break down the top five takeaways from the teaser.

Marvel tends to keep details close to the vest, stoking fans’ mania by strategically releasing tiny tidbits, images, and snippets from upcoming films. The first Black Widow trailer dropped amid fans’ eager anticipation, fervor, and total obsession.

The most committed enthusiasts have watched and analyzed 48 hours of MCU films. Yet, there is still a strong demand for new movies, particularly ones that create an even more robust narrative by beefing up the MCU history and background. Marvel is capitalizing on their opportunity to center more stories around particularly enigmatic characters like Natasha Romanoff, AKA Black Widow.

Black Widow’s character arc concluded heroically in Avengers: Endgame. Iron Man delivered the final blow in the battle against Thanos, but without Natasha’s earlier actions in the film, the Avengers and our world would have been doomed.

Both Iron Man and Black Widow made sacrifices for the greater good, but only Iron Man’s closing chapter felt genuinely fulfilling. Three solo films with complex character development laid the groundwork for fans to accept Tony Stark’s destiny.

In contrast, much of Natasha Romanoff’s background remains a mystery. Fans walked away from phase three of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with a fragmented picture of Natasha’s personal growth and longing for closure.

How could fans truly accept Black Widow’s ultimate decision to seal her fate without a deeper dive into her psyche? Without the context that could only be provided by a strong backstory, Natasha’s arc lacks the resolution that Tony’s provides. Consequently, the final act of Avengers: Endgame left a Black Widow shaped hole in all our hearts.

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With that in mind, it is fitting that Black Widow, starring Scarlett Johansson, will launch phase four of the MCU. The character will be front and center with no obligation to split screen time with fellow Avengers.

Presumably, fans will gain valuable insights through an exploration of Natasha’s struggles, dreams, regrets, and motivations. Moviegoers will, in theory, have a chance to gain a vivid understanding of the choices Widow made. Furthermore, this solo film should solidify Black Widow’s legacy as one of the greatest Avengers of all time.

If you haven’t seen it yet, you can check out the teaser below. But first, let’s break down five key details from Marvel Studios’ Black Widow teaser trailer.

Origin story? Not quite.

Details in the Black Widow trailer clue us in about the timeline of the film. In one scene, Natasha reflects on her experience with S.H.I.E.L.D. while sporting a long red ponytail. The super-spy’s hair is a telltale sign of a particular point in the MCU narrative. We can speculate that the plot likely unfolds sometime between Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War.

Sure, fans may get a peek inside the Black Widow program as Natasha goes “back to where it all started.” Plus, some references to her time as a Russian operative may pop up. However, the plotline is not expected to focus heavily on Black Widow’s origins.

Sibling rivalry at its best

Black Widow will introduce Natasha’s sister-in-arms, Yelena, portrayed by Florence Pugh. In the trailer, the comrades match each other blow-for-blow in an intense hand-to-hand combat sequence before settling into a comfortable banter. Will they solidify an alliance or become bitter enemies? Time will tell.

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Stunts, stunts, and more stunts

Iron Man 2 introduced fans to Black Widow’s graceful, yet deadly, combat style, which intensified throughout the MCU films. Similar to previous Marvel installments, the Black Widow trailer teases intricate battle sequences and perfectly executed stunts. This action flick will likely feature our favorite trained assassin in fighting shape and at peak performance.

Introducing Red Guardian

Natasha’s teammate, Captain America, was the First and most wholesome Avenger. In Black Widow, fans will meet Nat’s old friend, and Russia’s answer to Captain America. His name? Red Guardian. His uniform? A little snug. If the preview is any indication, this character, played by David Harbour, could be the polar opposite of Cap. If we’re lucky, carnage and hilarity will ensue!

Black Widow hits theaters in May

Coming in May of 2020, Black Widow is a prime title to kick off the summer blockbuster movie season and to launch phase four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Following suit with most Marvel films, Black Widow will enjoy a summer theater run. But rather than a typical story of idols imbued with superpowers, this film will tell the story of a mortal named Natasha who has exhibited cunning wit, expert combat skills, and unmatched fearlessness throughout the MCU series.

It will be satisfying to witness an adventure told from this heroine’s perspective, finally! Watch the official Marvel Studios’ Black Widow trailer below.

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Black Widow stars Scarlett Johansson, David Harbour, Florence Pugh, and Rachel Weisz. Did you dig the Black Widow trailer? Are you excited for the latest Marvel chapter? Comment and join the discussion.