Castle Rock: The Kid’s connection to Season 2 is in the past

Castle Rock - Bill Skarsgard, shown. (Photo by: Dana Starbard/Hulu)
Castle Rock - Bill Skarsgard, shown. (Photo by: Dana Starbard/Hulu) /

Castle Rock has connected both its seasons with the introduction of The Kid in Season 2. We will finally find out The Kid’s motives through the past.

Castle Rock started its second season with the promise of a new cast and a new story. The star would be a renowned Stephen King villain in her younger days, Annie Wilkes. And somewhere along the way Castle Rock and Jerusalem’s Lot, would cross paths.

That’s a lot of Stephen King nostalgia to pack into one season, but it was worth it. The one thing that was not expected was for anything to overlap from season one. Beware of Spoilers ahead if you’re not all caught up with Castle Rock Season 2.

But as we learned about the mysterious lobotomies in Castle Rock, we discover that these plans have been in place for 400 years and that there is a connection to Castle Rock lore. A settler named Amity banished from her group for being a witch and having a relationship with their pastor was sent into the wilderness where she would have died. However, Amity returned home with news of enlightenment after encountering a hooded person who she claimed was an angel.

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Amity killed those who banished her and those who wouldn’t agree to follow her angel.  She then killed the entire town, including herself with the promise of resurrection in 400 years.

The people were buried deep under Salem’s Lot alongside a wooden statue of the angel. But it isn’t until we get a close up of her encounter that we realize that she met with The Kid played by Bill Skarsgård.

Though he claims not to be evil, The Kid is arguably the main villain of Castle Rock Season 1. According to The Kid, he’s Henry Deaver from another dimension and ends up in this dimension after hearing an eerie sound in the woods called the schisma. Everyone who has discovered The Kid has witnessed bad things happening from freak accidents to people suddenly wanting to rip each other apart. The theory being that since The Kid doesn’t belong to this world, everything around him goes horribly wrong.

Castle Rock – Bill Skarsgard, shown. (Photo by: Dana Starbard/Hulu)
Castle Rock – Bill Skarsgard, shown. (Photo by: Dana Starbard/Hulu) /

While the logical resolution would be to bring The Kid to the schisma in the woods to allow him to go back to his dimension, the few people he’s encountered found it easier to believe he’s evil. Instead of being sent home, The Kid has been exiled to a cage at the bottom of Shawshank prison. But now that the settlers are back in the bodies of present-day people and the pastor went in search of The Kid and found only prisoner clothes in an empty cage. The Kid is gone.

While it’s looking pretty grim for the argument that The Kid is just someone caught up in a misunderstanding there is still hope he’s not evil incarnate. The Kid can time travel, yet he still has not left the town or even been seen around.

What if The Kid went back in time as his only means of travel to get these settlers to free him from his prison 400 years later? Or even better, to get them to create that statute with the schisma sound so he could go back to his dimension?

But if you’re rooting for a villain in The Kid, there’s a lot more out there that supports that theory. It seems that what The Kid has been waiting for in this time are his followers. The Kid could be a form of evil that has inhabited Castle Rock for hundreds of years the same way that Pennywise has existed in Derry.

He requested the death of the settlers and mesmerizes them with his flying bugs. The schisma sound now hypnotizes people, too, so maybe it’s The Kid’s cult recruiting soundtrack. In these remaining episodes, we’ll finally get a verdict on how bad it’s going to get when The Kid gets back in town.

What do you think The Kid is and what he’s after? Tell us in the comments.

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