Servant on Apple TV Plus: 6 questions we have after the first episodes

Servant -- Courtesy of Apple TV+
Servant -- Courtesy of Apple TV+ /

The first three episodes of Apple TV Plus’ Servant teases a series with an unknown origin of horror that spawns more questions than answers. Here are six big questions we have.

The first three episodes of Servant are officially available to stream on Apple TV Plus, and they’re just what thriller fans ordered! It may not seem like there’s anything scary about a couple who just lost a child, but M. Night Shyamalan and the writers make great efforts to change that. A story that barely leaves the hallways of an expansive Philadelphia brownstone brings on the chill factor with a creepy baby doll, a mysterious babysitter, and an oblivious mother.

Spoilers ahead if you haven’t seen the first three episodes of Servant.

When Dorothy and Sean Turner lose their baby Jericho, Dorothy is unable to deal with the tragedy. The only form of therapy that brings her back is a life-like doll. Dorothy is charismatic, funny, and happy, but only because she thinks her life is whole. Dorothy believes the doll is real and that Jericho never died.

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As a working mom, she hires a young live-in nanny named Leanne Grayson. After Leanne moves in, things start to get weird, but it’s really challenging to figure out what exactly is going on.

After three episodes, there’s still not much that can be said of what makes the series go bump in the night. But it’s a creepy situation that seems to be at mid-brew and will hopefully unfold in the episodes that remain.

As Servant continues to string us along, these are the most critical questions that need to be answered if we are to continue being scared.

What happened to the real Jericho?

Surprisingly, Jericho’s cause of death is never discussed. Could that be part of a big reveal later? The only things that are mentioned, are that Jericho died and Dorothy had a complete breakdown. What’s more, no one really knows that Jericho died because of the constant charade to make Dorothy believe that he is still alive.

Dorothy’s delusions of having a baby boy who is alive and well are supported by those around her. But why? And does Jericho’s cause of death have anything to do with it?

Servant — Courtesy of Apple TV+
Servant — Courtesy of Apple TV+ /

Who is the new baby?

Leanne seems off from the very start because she’s willing to take care of the doll as if it’s a child without asking questions. But also because she walks out with a doll one day and comes back home with a living breathing baby.

Where did she get this kid? Sean and his brother-in-law, Julian, are trying to investigate whether there have been any abducted children in the area, but haven’t had any luck yet. Did Leanne just pluck a child from somewhere and bring it home for the Turners or does the child have other origins?

Who is Leanne Grayson?

Sean and Julian’s investigations even take Julian to Wisconsin to look into Leanne’s past. Julian discovers that Leanne’s home had been burnt down and that the Grayson family died in that fire, including Leanne. Who is Leanne if she’s stolen the identity of a deceased woman? And more importantly, what are her motives?

Is Leanne a spirit?

Leanne is creepy because she’s quiet and likes to make strange wooden crosses. But after finding out that the real Leanne Grayson died in a fire, one has to wonder whether this Leanne is really a ghost. Is she a spirit come to make families happy by bringing back their dead children or is her job to summon children in the place of the deceased ones?

What are Leanne’s plans for the Turner family?

The part that slips away from us, even as we consider Leanne a threat in the Turner house, is that we don’t know what her motives are. She seems to be a shy girl who is only in this home for a better life. But there are signs that there are darker things at work with Leanne, especially when you consider her eel incident.

One minute Leanne was troubled by Sean’s callous preparation of eel, and the next, she’s ok with the death of eels. That same night Leanne requested some eel and slammed it over the table herself to impress Sean’s assistant.

What will happen with the baby now?

Sean eventually gives in to taking care of the baby, though he doesn’t know if this is someone else’s child or a reincarnation of his son. Or worse, some demon posing as a child in his home. It’s still a child that needs care and he’s going along with pretending it’s a Turner.

For how long will Sean continue the charade of pretending that Jericho didn’t die and that the baby in his house is not his son?

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Servant airs every Friday on Apple TV Plus.