Best of the 2010s: 10 animated TV shows that defined the decade

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Bob's Burgers
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5. Bob’s Burgers (2011-present)

This next show should come as no surprise to anyone as it’s easily my favorite show. Premiering back in 2011, Bob’s Burgers quickly became an alternative to The Simpsons and Family Guy in the Fox Sunday night lineup. While the series started off a little rocky, the kinks have been worked out since and the show has found a solid following of both adults and kids alike.

Bob’s Burgers follows Bob Belcher and his family as they run the restaurant aptly named Bob’s Burgers. While a lot of the series takes place in the restaurant, the show has a larger focus on its characters, namely Tina. Regardless, each member of the Belcher family: Bob, Linda, Tina, Gene, and Louise all play a significant role in keeping the restaurant running and the series as successful as it was. Let’s not forget about the honorary Belcher family member, Teddy who rounds out the group.

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Throughout its 10-season run, the series has gone from being all about dark and edgy humor to more of a family sitcom. The show has built such a vast fanbase due to its mostly wholesome plotlines along with making music a large element, relatable characters, and an excellent voice cast. It’s hard to pinpoint what fans love so much about Bob’s Burgers as there is so much to love.

As the second most-recent addition to Fox’s Animation Domination lineup, Bob’s Burgers sometimes gets a bad wrap in comparison to its predecessors. Regardless, the show has found its very own audience who aren’t going anywhere. Personally, I’m a little bit biased but I can’t imagine the 2010s without Bob’s Burgers. With an Emmy and a feature film on the way, 2020 will no doubt be another successful year for Loren Bouchard and the Belcher family.